1. J

    Vlog Black Parents Who Stare!! | Things That stress Me Out!! | Pet Peeves laugh with me

    hey guys im new here!! check out my video like comment and subscribe. I can do the same!
  2. Sammie

    100+ subs

    I have reached 107 Subs and 2,316 views on my YouTube channel about Skits, Rants, and Short Films.


    These days it's so difficult to "blow up" on YouTube. Back when I was just a viewer the platform was filled with so many unique videos that got pretty decent views. Nowadays you have to follow trends in order to get big and a lot of these trends are so dumb ): I don't want to talk about who I...
  4. PersonalMint

    Gaming Minecraft // Star Wars // GTA V // Watch Dogs 2. (Basically a lot of games) PC

    Hello.. I'm in need of a new collaborator in truth. I am around the age of 13-15. Basic Information: *My channel is mainly based around MC and Star Wars content. Minecraft: I'm looking towards completing my first map with the help of *you* I've got friends working on the project already but...
  5. Morpheus0316

    Battlefield 1 Game Play Rant

    Hey guys king shaka here and I'm back!! Here is one of the latest rants that I created for the channel.
  6. A

    Vlog looking for vloggers rants funny etc

    i have a rant/ufo alien conspiracy channel.if you like to rant or are funny and want to collab hit me up, i have 16k subs and will be willing to work with whoever has similar content such as myself. must have humor and no safe spacers and libtard dirtbags. if you get offended easy dont bother...
  7. Moospeaker

    Commentary Weird channel, weird collab

    So I don't know how to describe my channel accurately, I guess it's a mix of animation, comedy and thought provoking topics. I'm looking to do a collab with someone who makes similar content. There are no prerequisites really, only that you have a solid microphone, have the ability to write a...
  8. KyyVlogs

    Gaming Any London based Black ops/Fifa players?

    Hi, I've just started a new gaming channel, I'm 22 and currently play old school games but I'm also looking to upload PS4 games. My main channel is a vlig channel with one of my videos over 1k views. Looking to start a group of gamers (like vanish) or share ideas. Only requirements are you to...
  9. Salt Report

    Salt Report - Digital Homicide vs The World

    Digital Homicide seems to be really driven...driven to drive themselves into the ground! They shot back into the limelight this week with yet another long-shot lawsuit. This time focused on 100 individuals and even Valve! Learn more about it in this episode of SALT REPORT!
  10. AshEs2016

    Help with video ideas!!!

    So my channel is mainly about advice, hauls, product reviews, and some rants. I've only started this channel a few weeks ago and I'm already running out of ideas! I want to do more videos that are related to relationship advice. I was in a long distance relationship and I've posted a few videos...
  11. Kamikaze

    Is this a good idea for future videos?

    Hi everyone, while on YouTube I came across videos where people talk about stuff that their interested in or just funny stuff that has happened to them (basically sharing my views of stuff in a funny way, while also making funny videos) In 2 weeks I will have literally all the time in the world...
  12. XaeolHD

    May I Have A Review?

    My channel is called XaeolHD. I mostly create gaming videos and talk about stuff that I want to talk about. I make my own art and animations (including my intro) and I make some music (although most of my videos use other people's music.) Don't go too hard on me! ;)
  13. E

    Comedy I am looking for comedian youtubers that do skits or rants ASAP

    Hello fellow youtubers, My name is Eddie Bones, and I have 130 subs with 9k total views. Also, I make videos every Tuesday. However, my birthday is next month, and I would like to release a video every Tuesday for the month of March. I am looking for a youtuber that does the following: 1.)...
  14. JoyFox

    So I Just Hit 100 Subscribers...

    Oh hello there... I am JoyFox like many of you I am a Youtuber. Yesterday I hit 100 subscribers on my new channel that had videos on it for only ONE month. That's pretty sick. I have been growing so fast lately and its dope how I see comments of people saying that they love my videos. I upload...