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Jul 28, 2017
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I'm in need of a new collaborator in truth. I am around the age of 13-15.
Basic Information:
*My channel is mainly based around MC and Star Wars content.

I'm looking towards completing my first map with the help of *you* I've got friends working on the project already but with a help of another hand it could definitely speed up the process.
I'm all about playing on Hypixel and just mainly mini games. Adventure maps are fun too.

Star Wars:

I range from a wide variety of SW games from Empire at War FOC to Jedi Academy.
I am absolutely fond of strategic games and games that include amazing combat.

Other games:
For those who want to collaborate but don't like to play MC or any type of SW games...
Feel free to contact me and we could negotiate.

I am hoping to start a series.
To add me join the discord channel in the description of my welcome to my channel video and just ask for me, I'll won't take longer than a day to respond, hopefully my subscribers and friends can give you a comfortable welcome to my community.

I am currently on the road to 50 subscribers.
It's been at least a few months or so...

Peace :up2:

Oh I don't judge gender or racist.

Steam: PersonalMint
Youtube: PersonalMint
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