1. Leal

    Getting more views to old channel

    I have a youtube channel in the kids niche with about 4 Million Views and 8000 subscribers. The majority of the views came in the beginning of this year up to early summer, until I (unfortunately as I know now) changed the description and tags of one of my most successful videos which brought me...
  2. Mechanicalmoose

    Should I try and rank position no 2?

    Tricky one this I have different versions of a song I'm promoting on my channel. When I put in a tag in youtube buddy for the remix version of my song it shows I'm already at no1 for that term with the original version of the song. So my question is should I still use that term to try and rank...
  3. mitchappleshow

    Keywords / Video Tags - What should I do? (Demographic = 2 - 5 year olds)

    We are about to launch our YouTube channel (about 10 videos done and ready to post). Our demographic will click on any thumbnail (if it is appealing) regardless of what keyword is searched for (by their parents). My question is... Should I appeal to the masses with popular/competitive keywords...
  4. M

    How Do I Rank My Vlogs?

    I know people don't go searching for vlogs, but how can I make it so that when they are searching for something, I also pop up. This will give me a greater chance of getting clicked on, but I don't know how to get my vlogs to ranks. I've watched countless videos on ranking but none have been...
  5. B

    Optimizing a video 48 - 72 hours AFTER you upload it ???

    I read something which doesn't make any sense in a blog post about optimizing videos: "What you do to optimize a video in the first 48-72 hours after you post is crucial to the success of your video and how it ranks." ...and I just don't get how could that be even remotely true? Shouldn't you...
  6. SmokeySpace

    Should I Monetize My Videos? Goods/Bads?

    I don't really like the idea of ads on my videos because they won't really help me and are just annoying to the viewers, although I heard they help you get ranked and recommended, so I'm not sure if I should or not what do you guys think?
  7. O

    How to prevent videos from loosing views???

    Hi Guys :) So I have been youtubing for about a year in total and last year I lost motivation due to the opportunities of how much you could actually earn but despite I was inactive for about half a year or more my channel still kept bringing in subscribers and views (about 25-50 per day) it...

    Frustrated with Getting Videos Ranked...

    Is anyone else frustrated with getting their videos ranked in searches? I swear I spend so much time trying to make the best titles, tags, and descriptions to allow my videos to be found and it's still difficult to get ranked high. Very discouraging when you're trying to make the best stuff you...
  9. UnicycleFight

    How much does it help using super specific tags that rank really high?

    So if you use a very specific long winded tag and it's ranked #1 does it really help you if its THAT specific? What are the chances of someone finding it? Does it give you some kind of bump for having high rankings in general?
  10. wasabiroots

    Search rankings and views per day

    With all the talk about SEO, tags and searches being important and such. Just a thing I'm really curious about is that: How many views do you get per search term per day (on average) for your highest search term you have? Mine is approximately around 37 views per search term per day on...