1. Laitz

    rampage 9 vs 35

  2. Laitz

    14 vs 45 + 45 - GOOD FIGHT

  3. Laitz

    L2Devil.ws - HEADSTRONG

  4. Laitz

    Daily Fun - Part 1 - 4K

  5. Laitz


  6. ItzBlueBear

    Gaming Minecraft Colabs

    Hi I'm ItzBlueBear, I'm looking for a small community of people 4-5 that are into youtube and that are family friendly. You need to be about 14-16 exceptions can be made. 100+ subs but also expections can be made if you nice and consistent. I myself have a channel with 465 subscribers and am...
  7. Chikara

    Gaming Minecraft PC [1K SUBS]

    hit me up with a comment on yt if you want to be featured in a video, I'll get u a couple of subs in return for some pvp action :P
  8. Zethy

    Gaming looking for a collab partners!

    Okay here;s the beans. Oh right sorry got none. Either way I want someone to collaborate with Here's the rules. Fayz one (Games) GMOD Rocket league Unturned Gold with friends (I know but it gets good views) Being a d**k to cheap kid channels (I mean reviewing cringy channels) Fayz two(Two)...
  9. Panda Who Dabs

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft Collab partners!

    Hey everyone, My name is Andy, or Panda and i'm looking for people that I could collaborate my videos with. I am looking for someone who likes to be competitive and have fun. I would like to record some pvp type gamemodes, and parkour-adventure maps. About myself and YouTube: I'm 15 years of...
  10. Vango

    Gaming Minecraft Collaboration - TS, Discord

    Hey, guys, I'm Vango Gaming! I would like to do a collaboration video for the game Minecraft with some of you amazing people! I would think some minigames such as hunger games/prison / PVP would be good, but I am open to any suggestions :) Requirements I am looking for people who have at least...
  11. ThumbMuscles

    Deadly Journey To The ORB! | Rust with Friends

    This is my most recent video, where I take an action-filled journey to locate and loot the ORB in Rust. We run into some trouble along the way. Will all of us make it back alive? Sorry about the audio quality! I messed up and forgot to push record on Audacity. I had to resort to using the audio...
  12. A

    New to the site! Feedback would be great!

    Also open to collabs :)
  13. Puck Mitchell

    I'm streaming Dark Souls 3 PvP on twitch right now!

    Hey guys come check me out on twitch!! https://www.twitch.tv/thepuckingtonreborn
  14. Puck Mitchell

    I'll just leave this here shall I? Anyone Love a good mountain?

    Alo elo there one and all. This video I am about to share is one even I come to watch now and again and thank myself for that brief entertainment. This is a commentary of a trip me and my cousin made to our first mountain here in the UK - MT Snowdon. I over-dramatise slightly for effect but I...
  15. Puck Mitchell

    Hey, an intermediate editor looking for eagle eyes!

    Alo elo peeps, second post. I'm doing well! So, I have been editing for a while with Sony Vegas Pro and would like anyone really to review the edits, let me know what you think! I play Dark Souls 3 so preferably a fan also! Don't hold back, honestly. Any harsh feedback will go over my head but...
  16. Dryden

    Gaming Looking for a Colab!

    Hello there, yes you! I'm talking to you! I am looking for someone who wants to collab with me, I have 80subs, just over 1.1k views. I am looking for someone who has skype, and can play/record some Minecraft (PC) with me. I was thinking like, Minigames, Survival, Factions, Prison, PvP...
  17. Bryan S

    Gaming Templars of Hyrule, Pvp Challenge Faceoff, World Building and More!

    Still looking for a few people to join me and my boyfriend on a custom map called Templars of Hyrule, PvP Challenge Faceoff map that I made, and someone to play with us on a world we are building, or just friends for casual minecraft! Minecraft Username: Waytodawn2291 & Twobecomeone2377...