1. BigBryanGames

    15 videos uploaded. Barely 300 views total. 7 subscribers. Enthusiasm dying.

    I have 15 videos uploaded, most of which I have put a lot of heart and effort into. In total, I've barely reached over 300 views, and only have 7 subscribers. And many of the small amount of comments I have are people either asking me to sub for sub or to check out their music. My enthusiasm...
  2. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Improving Your Squat | Exceed Your Limitations With Your Why

    Yo guys! Just release a new video on improving your squat and pushing past your limitations! This is something that is really close to my heart, as it is something that pushes me to do what I love every single day (: Chur guys!
  3. O

    Tip on how to categorize your channel

    I have one Channel for my personal stuff, Comedy and vlogs. I have another one for my film business that I use to upload concert films and my documentaries. Eventually I will branch out to film tutorials and game reviews. Here is what I will do to eliminate needing a bunch of channels. I will...