1. Darren Taylor

    Private to Public Video Publishing

    Hey guys, Normally I publish my videos straight away, but sometimes I think I missed something in the description, or I want to wait until a time my subscribers are online. Does publishing "private" then making "public" have any negative implications? I know getting views quickly is part of...
  2. Spaceshipcontrol

    Can a YT channel interfere with future plans?

    Hello, I have this question on my mind: Let's suppose I wanted to become involved in politics, becoming a politician or political thinker, or start a company, could my YT channel interfere with how seriously people will take me? Now, my channel is really small, but someone might just stumble...
  3. The General

    Surprise Interview

    It's a surprise interview
  4. Cam Kirkham

    **NEED** ideas for funny public pranks and public videos!!

    Hi everyone! Im going to start doing pranks on my channel and funny public videos! I want to hear of some funny things i could do in public which you think would be great for a video! All ideas welcome whether its a prank, a question to ask people or general funny things to do in public at for...
  5. GooberVlogs

    Vlogging In Public Experiment

    Wasssup everybody :) So in a few days when I'm off at work I'm going to do my first day of vlogging in public :shy2: :shy2: :shy2: I did a few vlogs in public with my best friend so it was a LOT!!!! easier, but in a few days I'm going to do the first episode of me vlogging in pubic... Do you...
  6. Cam Kirkham

    Comedy UK Youtubers! Anyone up for a public collab?

    Hi everyone! Looking for someone in the UK to do a possible collab in public? I believe that idea i have will help break 5k views for me and help you in the process! Let me know if you're interested! Im willing to travel if needed.
  7. GeoTechRyan

    Filming in Public Spaces

    Not sure if this thread has been created before but when filming in public spaces (e.g. shopping centres, shops etc...) do you ask for permission or do you just film and if they ask you to stop you stop. Any help would be grateful as i am trying to start a vlog and i am a little nervous filming...
  8. J

    Have you ever been recognized in Public from your videos!?

    Hello everyone! I am just interested to see if there is anyone that has been recognized in public because of their youtube videos? What was the interaction like? Was it awkward? Were you nervous?
  9. Sixshades


    Hey everybody SixShades here! I was just wondering if any of you guys could have a look at our channel and give us some feedback on possible future videos and positives and negatives about how we're doing so far, always looking to improve and you can only get better! Hopefully our videos have...
  10. doktornpro

    A question about uploading videos

    Hello, i have uploaded over 100 videos on youtube but i always used to upload them set to public , with only a few exceptions, but i recently made about 30 vids which are ready for uploading , and i would like to upload them all in one day but schedule the. to become public on different dates so...