1. Buddy Sessoms

    Services Cheap Professional GFX Shop

    My name is ChesterLoony and I make quick and good quality GFXs in photoshop! Here is my shop and I made sure that the listings are cheap and reasonable for your wantings! These are just mere samples of what I can do, I will be more than happy catering to your needs, all you have to do is tell...
  2. ChesterLoony

    Services CLOSED

  3. E

    Services Cheap Professional Youtube Graphics!

    Hi, my name is ChesterLoony! I do cheap professional graphics ranging from $1-5! These samples are just a mere peak at what I can do, I would love to expand my learning with photoshop and tackle any request that you have to offer! Reply to this thread if you're interested in any offers!
  4. H

    Gaming Right no one has done this yet....

    SO yeah no one has done this. Everyone is saying. Have to have a professional mic and amazing pc. Can't have background noise and stuff like that. Honestly it doesn't matter if you are having fun. I have quiet a large group of friends that play all sorts of games and I mean all sorts. I played...
  5. Lolzmas

    Request Looking for a Designer to make a unique Logo and Banner for Gaming Channel!!!

    Hey! I am in search of a Graphics Designer that can create a specific logo I have in mind for my gaming channel (Lolzmas). I have an idea of what I want to do but I need someone who is creative enough to actually make the design a reality! Afterwards, I would really like to go over a banner...