1. D

    I figure out how to make animation text in video faster

    I begin to learn create mogrt 3 months ago and this is my first mogrt. I really want to share to everyone. With this mogrt animating text popup in video using Premiere pro will much more easier than ever. And especially, You can make your own favorite font list and switch between them...
  2. Vouk

    Plug-in: Adobe Premiere w/ x264, x265, NVENC

    I am currently developing the Adobe Premiere plug-in "Voukoder". It lets you render directly with the latest versions of x264, x265, NVENC (h.264, h.265) and ProRes). No frameserver needed! You can queue jobs in Media Encoder and much much more. It is approx. twice as fast as a frameserver...
  3. H

    Anyone Edit with After Effects Rather Than Premiere?

    I just want to know if anyone here edits videos using After Effects rather than Premiere. I usually do all my cuts and such on Premiere but if I wanted to do some special effects I'd do them in AE and import them to Premiere. Do you think it would be more effective to use After Effects alone...
  4. James West

    Pixel dropping are certain parts of my video, can anyone help me understand why?

    Hi there, Ive recently uploaded a new video and i get pixel dropping around where i have time lapses with in the video, which are not in the original out of premiere: 01:32 02:05 03:42 03:56 05:29 06:15 06:48 10:19 Definitely most noticeable at: 01:32-01:42 My question is why may this be...
  5. Teknickel 10

    Help with Adobe Premiere exports...

    Hey guys, So I have a quick issue with my adobe premiere '17 videos when I upload them. I export to 1080p 60fps and the resulting video file looks great. I then upload and can watch them fine on desktop but NOT on mobile. For some reason on mobile it only allows me to select 480p as the...
  6. Aerdian

    Sound off in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Hello, I did some rendering and exporting for my YouTube channel today, but after a few hours, all my gameplays finished and a large majority of them contained off audio. The sound was coming before the video. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. Jawad Soomro


    ADOBE PREMIERE PRO TUTORIAL Intro sequence is the most popular technique of introducing the characters in the Soap operas. It is revised sometimes in the movies. So I decided to make a tutorial on this technique to make promotional ad of apartment.
  8. Jayel_Boss

    Hitfilm and Final cut, premiere and after effects doppleganger??

    So guys im looking into rigging myself down with a nice good video editing rigand i was curious. Is it a good idea to buy final cut pro x for video editing and also to buy hitfilm 4 pro for video compositing. Now i know it may not make sense since HF4PRO is a video compositing software and a...
  9. MechaJake

    Need Help With Video Flicker!

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for some technical help with Premiere CS5. I've made a bunch of gameplay videos on my channel now and every time I export one I always get this weird flicking effect. It's always around my camera window but also in areas of the gameplay footage with lots of small...
  10. ShawnMcCallum

    Exploring Toronto Island!

    This was my first edit using Premiere Pro. What do you guys think!?
  11. Freshly Finished

    New Transition Styles

    Hey everyone, I recently have started to take into account my transitions a LOT more these days, you can see what I am talking about in the video signature. However, what I am wondering is, if anyone here has any tips or tricks to making their transitions, any plug ins that you love to use or...
  12. C

    Audio + picture video exporting. Tunestotube alternative?

    Hi, I am music composer and would like to ask you how to create long videos with pictures and audio. I noticed there are many of those for 9 hours long. What is the best settings for export. I also used tunestotube, but they limit file size to 100mb so mp3 quality must be very low if i want to...
  13. B

    Adobe Premiere Help (Disabling Resample)

    Hello guys, I was wondering if you could help me out with a issue I've been trying to solve. Basically HuskyMudkipz tweeted me giving me some advice on how to stop my Minecraft videos been blurry when I move. Now on Sony Vegas I have to right click on the video and disable resample. BUT I've...
  14. Funzo

    Premiere Pro users, I need your help!

    Hey everyone, so I've been having a problem with Adobe Premiere Pro, basically when I start editing everything works great for example, if I decide to cut a part of a video out, I put the cursor on the spot I want to cut and just press on it and it makes the cut exactly where the cursor is as...