1. Justin Groats

    Gaming Need Ps4 or Ps5 youtubers to collaborate with

    Hello YTTalk forms! My name is Justin Groats and I am currently a growing YouTube channel, slowly getting subs and views on some of my walkthrough videos, either solo or with my 2-player series called "Dual Playz" which is going good for some of my videos! 315 Subs and I have been here for over...
  2. Qball


    Make sure to help me reach my goal by hitting that subscribe button. Looking forward to releasing more content on a weekly basis. Enjoy!!
  3. frendlym8

    battlefield 4

    can i get some feedback on my new video, so i can make my next video better?
  4. Killerkat

    Gta Glitches and stuff

    Hey guys! I was going over video ideas today and I was going to make a video doing a heap of glitches and cheats in gta but I was thinking about it for a while- Gta is pretty old at this stage and theres already been heaps of videos done on it but I was wondering if I should should make one or...
  5. RaPiiDHD

    Challenge Wednesday! (Fists Only Challenge BO3)

  6. A & J Show

    Gaming Collab, currently at 3,000+ Subs (PC Games or PS4)

    Hello fellow forum people, looking to collab with some energetic people to get both of our channels out there. I currently have been posting videos everyday and have been doing rather well, if you guys are interested in playing any PC Games or PS4 Games lemme know in the comment section below...