1. ZulfPhotography

    Meet Up/Gathering UK, Birmingham YouTubers

    Hi guys. Joined today I actively post on my YT channel ZulfPhotography. Looking to test the waters and see if there are potential collaborations near me. Ideally similar subs I think I'm on just over 3k. Who's from the West Midlands? Let's get creative.. Example thumbnail of types of videos I...
  2. M

    Need help with naming my Channel

    Hey everyone, I wanna start a YT Channel that's going to consist of cinematography, photography and vlogs however i can't come up with a name for it... I've seen all these people who are really talented and their channels are called their personal name, but i don't think my name sounds very...
  3. Morpheus0316

    Favorite Photo editing software

    Photoshop as I got better with it has become my favorite photo editing software. However Gimp was good to me and you can never forget the classic MS paint.
  4. Psycho

    Recording SETUP

    Hi, I'm a new youtuber and i have to spend ages making videos as EVERYTHINGGG is done on 1 ipad from recording to editing and creating thumbnails :( Can someone show me cheap good quality microphone cameras and other essential for a setup Thanks much appreciated
  5. SeanFace101

    Whats the correct px size for a YoutTube thumbnail?

    When I am creating a thumbnail on paint what ????x???? pz should it be to prevent any of the thumbnail image bein not seen cut out, etc.. when the thumbnail is see when its on the video? :P Thanks.
  6. SeanFace101

    Anyone know how i take a photo from my video?

    How do I take a photo / snap shot from my video so I can use it as a thumbnail? :P Such as a website I upload my video 2 then can download photos from it or something? :P
  7. Jawad Soomro


    PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL Completely teleported the lady in the lake into the Lady in the FOREST. I have added lot of Greenery. LIKE SHARE & COMMENT
  8. CandyUnion

    Other Join my Editing Team!

    Do you love graphics, drawing, picture editing, and/or other things like that? Well, I invite you to become part of my editing team! My editing team edits photos, thumbnails, and more for my videos. Email me at to join the team! ~REQUIREMENTS~ - You must be aware and...
  9. born2bleach

    Services FREE Gfx / logos / banners / etc

    I make pretty good gfx / banners / etc :) here are some examples right click and "open new tab" 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. skype : partyxxbot
  10. SeanFace101

    How do i get a Photo from Video to use as Thumbnail?

    How do i get a photo shot from my video to use as Thumbnail? Because a lot of the time the 3 youtube give the choice from aren't that good. :P
  11. Djams

    What's the easiest way to create a thumbnail?

    Hi guys! I've been having a little bit of problem with creating really good thumbnails, so I was wondering if any of you have any good tip/advice on creating good thumbnails? Should one have a photo of oneself for example as background or an coloured background? At the moment I use Pixlr but I...
  12. A

    Channel Banner

    Is anyone nice enough to make me a channel banner my YouTube name is called Tekkaz
  13. D

    Vlog Looking For BROADWAY Fans & PHOTOGRAPHERS

    Hey! I'm Danni. I just started up my YouTube a month ago and am looking for other YouTubers to connect with. My channel focuses mostly on photography tutorials, but I also vlog about makeup, costumes, etc. I'm a Broadway fan, and am hoping to find others who are into Broadway or photography!
  14. Richard Rumble

    Services The Full Works!

    Recent Media Production Graduate happy to offer the services of my team! All Peices of media will come with 2 free corrections. Make sure you tell us all required information we need to change in great detail so we can get it as close to what you want as possible. What we offer: Design - £3+...