1. S

    Do you think Pewdiepie deserves his subscribers

    Pewdiepie has been getting a lot of hate so I want to know your opinon.
  2. Jeff

    PewDiePie Launches "Revelmode" Network

    As some of you may or may not know, PewDiePie officially launched his own network called Revelmode yesterday, and announced it on his channel. (See the video announcement here: From what is seems, Revelmode ( is a talent network/MCN...
  3. J

    Help Me Out

    i actually really like to no if im cut out for this or not.Ive always wanted to make people laugh through YouTube and be able to get paid for it. really make a living off of it. enough to support myself b/c the money doesnt really motivate me, but it is a necessity. like i need to know. i mean...
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