pet channel

  1. Redford1900

    Do you have any advice or insights to share that are specific to pets/animal channels?

    I'm hoping we could help each other out with insights gained from our experiences that are specific to animal channels and not just the usual advice we see on YTalk. I'll start us off... For posting on Reddit, I think that having thumbnails without words are better than the nice, more...
  2. Munchito696

    First Ever Puppy Video

    I uploaded this nearly 4 years ago, this is the start of when I became active on YouTube after hibernating for about 4 years. Lola was so tiny back then!
  3. Noelle

    Other Any Dog/Pet channels out there? - Looking to connect!

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to connect with people who have dogs, are interested in dog training or have pet channels (I also have to kitties that will eventually be on the channel as well!). It'd be fun to collab or meet up with anyone who has the same interests as me and my new channel. I've...
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