Other Any Dog/Pet channels out there? - Looking to connect!


Nerdy/Writing/Advice Vlogger
Hello everyone.

I'm looking to connect with people who have dogs, are interested in dog training or have pet channels (I also have to kitties that will eventually be on the channel as well!). It'd be fun to collab or meet up with anyone who has the same interests as me and my new channel. I've been finding some people on Instagram, but one of my passions is sharing videos of my new puppy, Moxie, a border collie.

If you're in Colorado or the Denver area - That would be awesome! Let's get together and make some videos!

If you're somewhere else, let's chat. Maybe we can come up with some sort of a collaboration. Right now, I'm just doing little music videos, but am hoping to do some DIY videos, advice and training videos soon (Just haven't had the time!)
I would be interested. I'm in Massachusetts. There is another thread started by Munchito696 about a collaboration with other pet channels. I love your channel and your artwork, BTW. I had already subscribed to your channel about a week ago.