1. B

    Do I Need To Link A Bank And Card To Receive PayPal Donations?

    Ok I want to make a PayPal business account to receive donations from my youtube live streams. Im making a business account so it conceals my real name and email. Im young though and don't have a bank account or credit card. Do I have to attach these to be able to receive donations? Edit: My...
  2. E

    How should I set up my paypal?

    I'm a small youtuber, so I don't think I should connect my paypal to my youtube, but I was going to make one, so I wanted to know, should I create a Business or a Personal paypal account for whenever I do connect my paypal to my youtube. What are the pros and cons of each type, and which one...
  3. SIFY

    Which YouTube Network Is best

    Hi, which YouTube network is best for me: I am a gaming channel. I do not want to join: Freedom and Zoomin.TV
  4. Keelxn

    Request Looking for Minecraft banner & Icon.

    Payment: I will pay you money via PayPal. The price will be determined on how in depth your work is. I would like to see your work before I even think about purchasing from you. Details: Now, I am looking for minecraft channel art. I would like it to be like a cartoon style. Here is an example...
  5. TheRichPlaysG

    Services I can do thumbnails for youtube , banners , icons for youtube channel and more

    Hey there! if you are looking for someone to do channel art for youtube you have come to the right place. If you are wondering what can I do I can make banners channel icons thumbnails but no intros or outros. The price for my art is not free. To purchase my art you will need paypal. The price...
  6. outromaker

    Request Graphic designer for multiple outro templates needed. Paid assignment (Paypal)

    We are looking for a graphic designer to create outro templates for us in an ongoing basis. An outro template is an end screen graphic with placeholders and social icons/subscribe buttons like the ones at the bottom which will be used in our service to create outro videos. We require...
  7. Gameoverjack

    Services 2 Proffesional Custom Thumbnails for $1(PayPal)

    Hey! I am GameOverJack and I have 4 years of experience in the whole youtube gfx scene! And also I am the official designers for QualityDarren (27k subs) and ElectricShock (15k subs)! And so as the Title says I have this offer where you pay me $1 through PAYPAL and I can make you 2 thumbnails...
  8. bxnsfilms


    Do you need a logo/banner for your YouTube channel? Do you need an introduction clip for your YouTube channel? IF YOU DO YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE, MY FRIEND. For $5 USD, I can make you a banner. For $10 USD, I can make you a logo or an introduction clip. NOTE: All payments will be made...
  9. K

    partners that accepts paypal

    I want to leave QuizGroup to a partner that accepts paypal? Are there any good reputable partners to work with that make it easy to get $$.
  10. Moses Minchuk

    Pay for Paypal?

    I know this question may be off topic but I applied to Fullscreen but since they only accept paypal I was wondering if you need to pay for anything on there like fees and anything else to. My mom said that there fees but I am totally confused. Understandable answers are thanked.