1. Lewis Knight

    Are youtube partnerships important?

    I have just over 400 subscribers and wonder if partnerships are worth doing at the amount of subscribers i currently have or if it's just a waste of time.
  2. R

    Making Money...

    lets talk about the all important ... MONEY with there being a side to YouTube of fun and entertaining if your not making any money from it you can't improve your content I want to know if there is any site with NO subscriber minimum that is like fame bit again I'm not all about the money for...
  3. Some Youtube Dude

    Best Network for a 650k Subscriber Channel?

    Hello all. Been around here a while but mostly a lurker. So my Youtube channel has around 650,000 subs and my contract with my MCN just ended and I'm looking for a new network. Anyone have any suggestions on a good network for a channel my size? Been Offered deals by Fullscreen , Defy Media...
  4. Tayo

    Has anyone heard of Fierce Network??

    First off, I think YouTube seriously needs to have a tab for messages because I never know when I get one! It's hidden under community settings and it's a pain in the a**e to get to it. But for the real question: Has anyone heard of Fierce Network? I saw in my messages that they invited me to...