1. Moses Minchuk

    How to ACTUALLY START Youtube for Lazy people

    Before I actually get into this I want to introduce myself. My name is Moses I am also a youtuber specifically a tech tuber. I have a channel called OutputTech. I have posted a couple videos but now lets get into it! Now a lot of people out there are lazy, just like me. So most people want, and...
  2. Moses Minchuk

    Pay for Paypal?

    I know this question may be off topic but I applied to Fullscreen but since they only accept paypal I was wondering if you need to pay for anything on there like fees and anything else to. My mom said that there fees but I am totally confused. Understandable answers are thanked.
  3. Moses Minchuk

    Content or Quality?

    If you see my latest video would it be considered more of content or quality? I can't tell. Please tell me what I can do to improve as well. Thanks for you time.
  4. Moses Minchuk

    What are the main KEYs to starting a channel?

    I don't here this often but what are the key elements for beginner youtubers?
  5. Moses Minchuk

    Detailed Look back at LG's Optimus G Pro E980

  6. Moses Minchuk

    Tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    I just need help with my channel and need to know what are the weak spots in my channel.
  7. Moses Minchuk

    How can I get more views?

    I noticed that my earlier videos received more views then the one's I have earlier. Does anyone know why this happens I how I can increase the number of views?
  8. Moses Minchuk

    What gives motivation?

  9. Moses Minchuk

    What is essential for your channel and how?

    I have started my channel and now have 2 videos uploaded but I want to learn what is important for my channel and how?
  10. Moses Minchuk

    Other Any tech channels that I would love to work with?

    I am looking for other tech channel that I can work with later on.
  11. Moses Minchuk

    What is a linked comment?

    I have received a comment on my video and on top it said "linked comment." Does anyone know what this is?
  12. Moses Minchuk

    Quality or Quantity?

    What is better when starting out? Quality or quantity? or should I do both?
  13. Moses Minchuk

    OutputTech | Simple & Beautiful Tech!

    Please give feedback on what I can do better!
  14. Moses Minchuk

    What should my next video be?

    I made my introductory video (check it out if you want) but I don't have many "good" products for review so I don't have any ideas to do for my second and 3rd video. I would also love to do many other things but I think I will need a larger audience for them cause I wanted those ideas as a...
  15. Moses Minchuk

    I try putting in channel name but it says channel doesn't exist?

    I have been trying all day but I just can't get my channel name in my description please help!
  16. Moses Minchuk

    How do you get an audience in your first video?

    I am close to uploading my first youtube video introducing my tech channel but first I wanted to ask something. I have seen many people starting out and they barely get any views. If you guys know how to build a audience from first video's, please help! I want to jumpstart my channel.