1. dazedcore_yt


    Started YT on October 1st of this year, and I'm currently sitting at 290 subscribers! My one year goal was 100, so I guess I'm doing very well! Sitting at 78 thousand views and 190 public watch hours!
  2. RenOperative

    Is there any particular site that allows collaboration that isn't NewTubers?

    It seems that no matter what I do as a YouTube gamer I always get banned from Reddit for trying to build up a gaming community/podcast. NewTubers just axed me today, just looking for other alternatives here that aren't always on my back?
  3. Marriagestart

    (For Gamers on youtube)in keeping with the curiousity...?

    I'm curious. i want to hear some real answers here, but still in curiosity. I'm using the community as i hope all of us do for some of these answers and to blather pointless thoughts that rattle around in my head. so here is today's question. As a content creator with the real intent to make...