new vlogger

  1. J

    100 views ? Welcome to my channel

    Hi Guys im so so close to 100 views and that is mad i didn't think id get that never mind on my first videos its just mad , please help out also subscribe you wont regret it
  2. E

    Vlog Not sure if I'm a vlogger

    So I'm not sure if I qualify as a vlogger I do a little bit of everything to include reviews, how tos, trick shots, and just overall fun stuff along with life events and activities I participate if that counts or if it interests anyone I wouldn't mind doing a intro for someone or someone...
  3. JRuncie

    We've been Vlogging for a month now.....

    Crazy how time flies.
  4. Delightfully Dumb

    Embarrassed to shoot videos in public?

    I just finished shooting a video at my local Walmart and it was a huge jump out of my comfort zone. I'm not a vlogger, so I was acting and making an a**e of myself and praying not to get caught by someone I knew. Haha. I'm generally a pretty shy person and I found acting like a dork in public...
  5. Eric Bieller

    Exploring 200 Year Old Lighthouse

    In today's vlog we wander around an old Florida sugar mill. Such a beautiful place! Then we explore an epic 200 year old lighthouse. You've got to see these views!
  6. Eric Bieller

    Epic Ziplining in Georgia!

    In our latest vlog we found ourselves flying above the trees, ziplining through the Georgian countryside. Afterwards we head into town to check out Medieval Times. Blue knight forever!!
  7. BrunosWorld

    50 subs! Weekly updates!

    Youtube obviously takes hard work to get these subscribers! I love making videos and there's people with millions of subscribers out there and 50 seems like a huge achievement so yeah haha. I love making and editing my videos, people find it weird wen i whip out my camera lol, and start filming...