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  1. LCGaming

    Request New Banner

    Hello everyone, currently we are trying to redesign our YouTube channel banner. We were hoping that we could get some ideas from you guy on how we could switch it up and improve it. I will attach our current banner to this thread just so you guys see kind of the look we are going for. If you...
  2. VRONA

    Request Looking for New Banner for my Channel

    When recently looking for feedback on my channel, upgrading my banner came up frequently. I've been looking in a lot of places for someone who could make me a new banner for free. Sadly I am awful when it comes to coming up with banner designs. I am good with graphics editing, but I simply...
  3. GeezerGaming


    What's going on lads & ladies! We're in desperate need of a revamp so we've decided to see if anybody out there could possibly help us geezers out by designing a new youtube logo & twitch banner for us. We would ideally pay for the services, however we would like for our requirements to be...
  4. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    New Banner!!

    Hello best friends, I just created new banner & profile image for my YouTube channel.I am not a professional on that.So I just want you guys to checkout my banner & my profile image & rate it :) Thanks a lot :)
  5. MisguidedGaming

    Request Need a New intro and outro (3D) and if you want a free channel logo and banner is nice.

    please delete this post i mess up with the title
  6. Black Fox Gaming

    Request [Free] Would really like a new BANNER

    Yeah If Anyone could help me with a new banner, I woud be forever grateful. If it could be Anime Based it would e really nice. I tried makingone on my channel but I am looking for something unfortunately my skills as a gfx arent very good :p Thnx 4 the support