movie review

  1. buzzcuts

    And The Most Hilarious IMDB User Review Ever Is...

    Wanted to try something different with some rudimentary 'animation' and 'voice acting' Open to feedback as always. :)
  2. CanuckKidsTV

    Movie and TV Show reviews

    Just wondering about the copyright aspects of using some footage of a TV show or movie for the purposes of a review. As an example, my daughter is 10 and wants to review the new Ninja go movie. Can we use any footage, say from the trailer so her references make more sense? Same with...
  3. Trist

    Monetising movie review videos - copyright claims.

    Hello! I have had a few copyright claims which just say I can't monetise a video. Which is fair enough. However I am just showing the clips as part of a review and I would have thought this falls under fair use since it's such a small portion of the video and there for review purposes. Is...
  4. S

    Other Movie & Tv channel Collab

    Looking to collab with someone on a movie review, or top 10 or any list in general. Must be a movie, video game or tv related channel. Open to suggestions of what type of video. Message me if interested. Thanks :)
  5. S.A.D

    Rogue One A Star Wars Story. Is it good?...or should to just skip?

    it's late coming, but after technical issues our Review for the prequel to the originals, but sequel to the prequels is ready and waiting! Enjoy and relax to me talking haha.
  6. S.A.D

    Fantasitc Beasts and where to find them Movie review!

    Wanna get back to the Wizarding World? The Movie Review for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is right here. be sure to tell me what ya think thanks guys.
  7. S.A.D

    Doctor Strange Movie Review

    Daniel and Sean here bringing you our review for Doctor Strange. Hope you like this video and we want to bring you more. thanks
  8. TwoTakes

    Air America: Fly the Action- A tepid mess that conceals at its heart, a dark secret...

  9. All Out Movies

    Channel feedback would be much appreciated

    Hey guys, I'm new here and started my channel a few months back. I was hoping you guys can take a quick look at the following video below and let me know what you think of it. I would be extremely grateful. The formatting was inspired by CinemaSins but it's got my own take on it. It's called...
  10. J

    Pokemon: The First Movie Review

    For more reviews of animated films, head to
  11. S.A.D

    Batman and Joker what a team!

    Me and my partner on the channel did this review in our time. of Batman the killing joke. We are quite the batman fans and figured this would be an joy to watch. I mean it's batman, C'mon.
  12. WeegieMovies

    Ghostbusters: SUPER AWESOME REVIEW

    Does it deserve all the hate and vitriol? Is Ghostbusters really the worst thing to happen to males since vasectomies? Watch my review to find out :)
  13. TwoTakes

    New series, feedback please! Reviewing IMDB's Worst 100 Movies- #100

    Hi! We are a film/ TV review channel, specialising in bad films, indie films and cult classics. We have, up until this point, been creating videos that are scripted, but with this video, we have now tried our hand at a different style of review- which is more of a relaxed, unscripted...
  14. TwoTakes

    Comedy Review of a Terrible Film about Vikings! Pathfinder (2007)

    Hey YTalk, Not posted a video in this thread before, we're a film and TV reviewing channel and have been working really hard the last 6 months, learning lots along the way! We have three types of show on our channel, this one is for our show 'Bargain Bin Blunder' where we find a really cheap...
  15. javacentral

    Batman vs Superman review without spoilers!

  16. TwoTakes

    Please review our 2 Min Movie Review of an amazing bad film called Samurai Cop

    Hi! Any feedback generally- especially the music, editing and the flow as these are the areas we have been focusing on improving recently. Thanks guys, you're awesome =]
  17. TwoTakes

    1 min film review: Cyclops + Billy Bob Thornton team up to fight a bear... How could it go wrong?

    This video is a new one for us as we are experimenting with a much shorter more succinct review style than our previous videos which have been more in depth. Sooo in general any comments about how you found the video would be much appreciated! Thanks Yttalk- you guys are awesome!
  18. Crimes Against Cinema

    Crimes Against Cinema is Seeking Reviews to Ensure a Better Viewing Experience!

    Greetings Everyone! My channel, Crimes Against Cinema, is sort of fresh. I'm still working out the kinks and fine-tuning aspects of the channel everyday. What I'm looking for here, is a review of the episode on the channel entitled: Harespray. I want to know how to improve the overall feel and...