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  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Add A Thumbnail To YouTube Videos On Mobile (iPhone And Android)

    How To Add A Thumbnail To YouTube Videos On Mobile iPhone And Android // Learn how to add a thumbnail to your YouTube videos using your Mobile phone (iPhone or Android device). A tutorial to help you add, upload and change thumbnails for any video on your channel with the YouTube Studio App.
  3. Jon Wodzisz

    Best completely free iOS manual video app

    what is the best iOS manual video app for raw and changing things like iso, shutter speed and all of that ish? I found ones that are paid but not that are free.
  4. R

    Other New Mobile Phones and Stuff channel looking for collaboration

    Hello boys and girls, just wanted to stop by and reach out to any small (but serious) YouTube channels that want to collaborate in the field of tech and mobile reviews - mobile gaming included. (not sure why we can't post links here as I thought it's a forum to establish connections and link...
  5. FreakoutGames

    Gaming FREE and interesting collaboration to promote your content/video through Mobile Games!

    Hello, We are Indie Game Studio “Freakout Games” and trying to form a network between streamers, youtubers, vlogger, content creators and all type of influencer’s marketing persons. It’s basically a inter-linking kind of marketing/promotion between two entities where we are both promoting each...
  6. X

    Are mobile games a thing to be done?

    Hi there! I just started a gaming channel and i plan on doing some of everything eventually but right now i lack time and space to record pc and console gameplay so i have started with mobile games on the ytgaming app. Is there any potential growth there? I'm starting there but should i continue...
  7. Teknickel 10

    Help with Adobe Premiere exports...

    Hey guys, So I have a quick issue with my adobe premiere '17 videos when I upload them. I export to 1080p 60fps and the resulting video file looks great. I then upload and can watch them fine on desktop but NOT on mobile. For some reason on mobile it only allows me to select 480p as the...
  8. M

    Endscreen annotations on mobile?

    Hey everyone I just uploaded a video and added the newly featured endscreen to it (which I was told works on the youtube app as well), apparently that's not so, as the end screen annotations are not showing up when I watch the video on my phone :unsure: Was I misled when I was told that it also...
  9. thejoelwilliamsphere


    Hello, So recently I just finished watching Boogie2988's recent video about how he got hacked and at the end of the video a thumbnail appears that you can click on and it works on mobile - an actual working mobile annotation I think! I couldn't believe it! Does anyone else know how to do...
  10. P

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hi guys, I just started up my youtube channel about 1 week ago, I have had good feedback on my videos, and have 6 subscribers. I dont talk in my videos I have dubstepish muskc and sound fx. I am hoping that I can collab with another mobile player to make friends on youtube and so we...
  11. F

    Gaming android games collab

    Hello I would like to collab with a small youtube channel you will need a android phone and a good youtube channel contact me with hangouts or on youtube at fastagaming
  12. Opensource Channel UK

    Other hi could any one help?

    Hi all I do not know if you could help but I am looking for small businesses that would let me video what they do for my channel. I am searching for: Computer building Web design Mobile app design Hosting company But they must be located in Cardiff wales or few miles away. Any help is...
  13. MitchProVideos

    Channel navigation not on YouTube mobile FIX

    So recently I was viewing my channel on the mobile app for YouTube and realized my channel was a bit different than others. When I viewed PewDiePie's channel (Just an example channel) I could see "tabs" such as "Home" and "Videos" and "Playlists". But on my channel I didn't have these "Tabs". So...