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  1. B

    My Minecraft Video

    Hey Guys my name is mary and this is my recent video. I would like feedback on everything that can be critizied, please and thank you. I just wanna grow!
  2. CookieCutter

    4000 subscribers

    i got 4k subs and there is a special video on my channel to celebrate
  3. T

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft Youtubers 16+ Y/O

    Hello , My name is Taylor AKA Shivers I am looking for like minded friends to start recording with in the Minecraft Community Either it be in the modded Minecraft world or in multiple different mini-games / Factions servers. I am a mature but really fun to converse with and are looking for...
  4. AlastorYT


    Before you fill out the servey here are somethings about me, well as you know I am a youtuber and I am 14 years old. I do youtube because it makes me happy and takes other problems off of my mind. On my channel I post funny moment "montages" and commentaries to entertain others. If you would...