1. K

    Tips: Increasing Subs & Views Fast

    Tips: Increasing Subs & Views Fast As the title suggests, I wanted to understand if there were proven methods of increasing the number of views and subscribers, so that I and the community can use the methods to test and use on our channels. Obviously, you need to: - Upload Frequently...
  2. Bomber Brigade

    How long do you record and method of editing?

    I have a gaming channel and I'm trying to find the most efficient way to record content. The common tip for gaming channels starting out is to have videos under 12 minutes, so when i record i stop every 7-8 minutes and start recording again. After the session I'll already have the files...
  3. CubizFIFA

    Methods you have used to grow?

    I am really interested in methods people have used to grow, and if they have worked? Please share any methods of video making sharing whatever you have done to help you grow, and if the have been successful.