1. MeisterSandvich

    Minecraft Hardcore Survival!!! Yas.

    I finally have my new series started. I hope you guys enjoy!
  2. MeisterSandvich

    Gaming Friends!

    Hey guys. My name is Josh. You will learn more if you go check out my introduction thread. If anyone wants to be friends over games or YouTube, just comment on here. I would love to do collaborations with anyone of you all. No requirements, I love playing with everyone!
  3. MeisterSandvich

    Happy Holidays! New Garry's Mod Shenanigans Video

    Hey, I want to wish everyone happy holidays! For me, it's Christmas time! I hope everyone had a wondeful day. Hopeful my video can make it even better. Have a laugh!
  4. MeisterSandvich

    Garry's Mod Shenanigans!

    Hey guys, my name is Josh. This is my first Garry's Mod Shenanigans video. I hope you all enjoy it! Please leave some feedback, so I can help get better. Thanks.
  5. MeisterSandvich

    How Can I Improve?

    What are some general tips that have helped you all?