1. O

    Short Film Looking For Long Term UK (Ideally North West) Collab Partner

    Hello all, I'm a short film - film-maker based in Manchester UK looking to find a partner who I can work on various new projects with. My style is usually based around 80s themes however I am interested in branching out from this. I am also happy to try new plot styles and genres. Basically...
  2. Vasa

    Other What youtubers are there in north west England with 5,000 to 20,000 subscribers that you watch?

    Hey guys... so I’m doing a project in college and want to find some local youtubers with a lower following than mainstream... Maybe 5,000... 10,000 or 20,00! The areas cover from chester to Liverpool to Manchester... that sort of area If you know of any youtubers that fit this sort of...
  3. MetricateGames123

    Meet Up/Gathering Manchester YouTubers! I'm calling you out!

    Hey my fellow Manchester creators (if any) I'm searching for talent within the Manchester area. I've been at it all day. Through Google searches, YouTube searches, forums. You name it. Everything I've found so far seems to be left in the past (to the point that nobody that was searching for...
  4. jordanleech


    So after 7 years I've revived my channel and decided it's time to come back to the world of YouTube, looking for people willing to collab in the UK, preferably North West based but I can travel no problem! 18+ realistically as I'm 22, be ready to do some mad stuff, not boring going to the shop's...
  5. D

    Vlog looking to collab

    hi I got youtube cannel mrMad Footballer looking to collab with youtubers in Manchester/Liverpool UK thanks
  6. jamiedoesthings

    Meet Up/Gathering UK Tubers for large-scale collab in MCR (last weekend of Jan)

    Hi all! On Saturday the 30th I'm informally gathering a group in Manchester for something akin to random acts of kindness. The more the merrier, youtubers or otherwise, so whether you can make it or not, invite your friends! You're all welcome to vlog the experience and it will be fairly...
  7. Shadow Major

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in Northern England

    Hi there guys, I'm Craig, and I am a magician, but I also like the idea of social experiments, and just general fun times recorded you all of time!!! So i live in the north of England (Near Newcastle to be more exact) and I'm looking for other cool people to meet up with, collab, general...
  8. kojohnsn

    Meet Up/Gathering Any vloggers based in Manchester/London/Birmingham/Hudds???

    or anywhere close to those cities? I was just wondering because it seems like every vlogger/youtuber are US based with sexy accents :rolleyes: Let me know; lets be friends :D