1. Courtney Candice

    My worst hair salon experience

    I’ve had some pretty bad luck with going to get my hair done....:eek:
  2. Divotro

    Gaming Anyone want make videos together with my friend and form a group?

    Hey guys I am playing on pc with my friend Dinodead and we want to make a gaming group to make videos together. We are playing on pc and we play GTA 5, Battlegrounds and a lot of other games. I am 15 years old and I am from Europe Write to me if you are interested.
  3. Courtney Candice

    How to look like josh dun

  4. Jawad Soomro


    Since long time, I have been brainstorming for ideas to produce a Professional Movie Poster. Follow the tutorial to learn the steps. NOTE: Dimensions l x h (24 x 36 pixels)
  5. Marcus Walker

    Request Looking for a well made banner ($$$)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone to make me a well made and clearly designed banner. If it is put together and very clean & professional i won't mind paying them. Please contact me through here or you can email me for more info. Real money or YTCash its up to you!
  6. ChaseAndFriends

    What is your favorite part about making YouTube videos?

    Hey there! So I'm making a video about "Why You Should Make YouTube Videos!" I was wondering if there is anything that stands out to you guys that you would like me to include in the video :D Thank you in advance!
  7. HighSocietyGaming

    How Can I Make a Good Custom Thumbnail Template?

    Hey everyone! A few days back I posted a thread in the channel review discussion and I received some feedback. The feedback was exactly what I was looking for and I have a few ideas stirring up in my head. I want to add a template to all my thumbnails. If you look up Zero Productions or...
  8. JonnyJ23

    How can make simple trailer video channel ?

    i just noob newbie on youtube world , i try to create video using ProshowProducer 7.0 , use "White or Black " photo then add caption on it like " Wellcome all to my channel , if ur interesting why not subcribe some etc... " then add some music without copyright , but i think that video trailer...
  9. Dimo Dimov

    Request Does someone make 3D channel intros for free?

    The titles says it all :)
  10. Zach S.

    I Make Out with a Dragon...

    There are dragons that are kissing us!!! Today we get to go back to Riverwood to talk to Delphine with Esbern. We then get to go to the Sky Haven temple and find Alduin's wall. Then we have to go back up to the mountains to talk to Angrier and figure out how to defeat Alduin! Twitter ...