1. Tyhd

    Hot Topic ** YouTube reduces sub counts ** (all discussion goes here)

    So YouTube ****** up again they ruined everyone sub counts. I personally went from 177 subs to 166 in under 10 minutes. What qualifys as "inactive" to YouTube? My channel is only 5 months old how can anyone on there be "inactive" EDIT- Thread got merged I didn't put all those clickbait a**...
  2. AuthorFilms Studios

    Youtube deleting subscribers?!?

    The youtuber 'NFKRZ' posted a video a couple of hours ago talking about how all youtubers are losing quite a lot of their subscribers every day at 7PM and 3AM every day. He showed this on a few peoples channels, including his own (He lost about 8000 subs in an hour) and even PewDiePie (who lost...