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So YouTube ****** up again they ruined everyone sub counts. I personally went from 177 subs to 166 in under 10 minutes.

What qualifys as "inactive" to YouTube? My channel is only 5 months old how can anyone on there be "inactive"

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Seems Everyone is reporting sub drops, My main channel lost 4 and my old channel lost 2, and my old channel isn't that old either, less then a year.
This happened to everyone. Do you really think you had 177 subscribers with no bots or dead accounts?
No it's not the amount of subs that make me think I didn't have any it's the timeframe in which they could've been subscribed. Also I already said it happened to everyone.
Maybe the window is deleted or booted within the last 90 days? Of course with Google there's never a straight answer
I don't know. But 90 days is a commonly used number for things. It might be those deleted and then you know, not really deleted but still retrieveable but then after 90 is truly gone.
I'm guessing most people know by now but I suppose not everyone does but basically maybe once or twice a year Youtube will remove what they classify as 'Inactive' subscribers from everyone's sub-count.

Although it might be a bit demotivating (especially if you've just hit a milestone but have been put back under it), it gives you a more accurate representation of how many people are actually subscribed to you :)

I was really lucky this year and only lost around 13 subscriber from 12,806.

Anyone else, feel free to share your drop :p