1. U

    Services I Edit... Anything (Graphics Design)

    Hey, let me know if you want someone to edit, meaning graphics! for you. I can get it done by set dates and will do it the way you want it, if you dont like it, I can redo it. Message me, cant wait to start a new arrangement.
  2. Boj

    Services Youtube Banners, Thumbnails , & Logos

    Prices: 3x Thumbnails- $5 Banner- $5 Logo- $5 Banner & Logo- $7 Portfolio:
  3. L

    Services Cheap Graphics for Youtube Channels! Logos, Channel Art, Thumbnails, Anything!

    Closed temporarily.
  4. VenexGaming

    Services |Very Cheap GFX| Logos And Banners

    Hey! So I make cheap Banners and Logos, If you want to see what I have created so far you can look at my portfolio. Portfolio: Contact me for it since I can't post it here Price: Just a shoutout on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube Contact my Twitter at: @Elimin8rtwin Don't have...
  5. G

    Services I will make you free channel art

    I will make you free banners, profile pictures and thumbnails for your channel. Here's an example picture of a cover I made for one of my Wattpad stories: Email me on elise.arps@gmail.com if you want me to make some channel art for you.
  6. VenexGaming

    Services [Free] Graphics Logos, Banners, and Headers

    Hey if you want some graphics let me know just contact me. All I ask for is a shout out from you. Twitter: @Elimin8rtwin YouTube: Yoloz ( logo is a Panda with gas mask)
  7. coolness3775

    Services CHEAP and High Quality: BANNERS / THUMBNAILS / LOGOS and MORE

    I create cheap and high quality GFX, you can purchase them by emailing me at aidencullinan@gmail.com Here are some examples of my graphics... End Card- $1 Edited Video- $3 Thumbnail- $1 2D Banner- $1 Minecraft Banner- $2
  8. VenexGaming

    Services Graphic Designs |Banners| |Logos| |Headers|

    My name is Venex and i am putting out graphic designs. If you would like one contact me on skype: yolozgaming and if you have a email, email me at freezecater@gmail.com. Logos are $3 USD and Banners are $5 a piece. Also if you would like to donate please donate to oakr8dr@gmail.com.
  9. Mcdreamified

    Request Noob Youtuber looking for a logo/intro lol

    Hey! I'm kind of new to the YouTube world, been posting for the last few months on and off. I'm looking to see who out there can give me a decent logo and/or intro. I am kinda looking for anyone that will do it free and in return, I will promote the hell out of you. If payment is the only way, I...
  10. En_crypted

    Services Fast Professional Graphics for under $5 | Banners, Thumbnails, Profile Pictures and Intros!

    Hey, so I just wanted to shamelessly promote my Graphics and how good they are and that I'm doing this stuff for a cheap price for anyone who wants some. I want to be paid through PayPal tho and this is how the pricing is going to be: 1 Banner - €5 1 Thumbnail - €3 (x2 - €5 | x3 - €10) 1...
  11. AgonyGFX

    Services AgonyGFX Graphic Designing

    Hello, my name is Andrew aka AgonyGFX, I am a 14 year old Designer who loves to mess around and make things in Photoshop. I am not very experienced with designing but I personally think I am decent for a newbie. I have been designing for about 1 month and I personally think I have created good...
  12. Altairsfriend

    Starting to dabble in channel art and logos, how do they look?

    Disclaimer: I have the artistic ability of a eggplant. But how do these first tries look? I'm going for a simplistic look. How about the colors? Any tips are appreciated!
  13. MenAce

    Services (Free) Professional Intro's & Outro Videos

    Who Need An Intro Or Outro? I'm Your Guy, I'll Be Happy To Do It Free All I Ask For Is A Shout Out,& A Subscribe I Just Love To Help People. I Feel Like That's My Purpose Email me At: jonquellvenable@icloud.com Contact me At Twitter: @MenAceTheLord Contact me At Facebook: Menace TheLord Thank...
  14. Divergence

    Branding design /creative grenade

    I'm by no means sponsored by them, but a lot of big YouTubers have had great designs by them. Ali-a / Nadeshot for example. I'm getting my logo and banner done by them but they also do motion graphics and websites as well!! Give them a budget and they work to that. Highly recommended, I'll post...
  15. Boggen Bupis

    Services Logos for shoutouts!!

    I do logos but only with letters I'm not good with animation. I like to do simple clean cut logos with minimal colors. I will do a logo for a shoutout but only if you have around 30+ subs so I can get a return. If you do not have 30+ subs we can maybe work something out. To contact me faster my...
  16. mmrobins

    Services Beautiful Banners, Logos, Profile Pictures, and Intros.

    Making Beautiful Banners, Logos, Profile Pictures, and Intros to be featured in your description if you have more than 100 subscribers and if you do not, Get 2 for $5 or all 4 for $8) 1 costs $3. Paypal Only! Some of my work: mrobins
  17. Minix | Graphics Designer

    Services Cheap Thumbnails, Banners, Logos ( √ )

    I inserted examples of my work it should be under this text after the examples you can see all the info and the FAQ section! :D make sure to check out all the pictures I can do many more other styles I have not uploaded close to the amount of styles I have done make sure to read below ! add me...
  18. A


    Hey guys. How's it going? I'm starting this thing where if you ask me to make a logo or a banner for your YouTube channel I will make it for you. I don't even know myself why I'm doing this. Maybe I'm just a nice person. But anyway all you really need to do is to tell me what you would like it...
  19. JaytosYT

    Services Affordable Professional Logo Design! ( √ )

    Hello YTTalk! I have been designing logos for about 6 years now and I don't get too much client work. I'm looking to design you guys some very high-quality logos for a low price! :) PRICES Letter Logo - $10 Text Logo - $10 ( SOLD 1 ) Illustration Logo - $25 PAST WORK Thank you for...
  20. Dazza


    Hey dudes. How's it going? Let me just say this now. I'm not a GFX artist who can do all sorts of fancy stuff in photoshop. I can only do so much. Anyway I'm starting this thing where if you ask me to make a youtube banner for you i will do it. I don't even know myself why I'm doing this...
  21. F

    Request Need a Banner and Logo Please

    Hey guys im searching for a decent and simple banner/logo designer. I want it simple and unique please, ill promote you in every description of all my future uploads.
  22. TheNodeGaming


    Hello! I am TheNodeGaming, or TheNodeGraphics and I am making free graphics for whoever wants it. I am decent at what I do, I am not EXPERT or PROFESSIONAL but I can make decent banners! Logos aren't as great because I don't have the best software for it at the moment but they should still look...