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  1. GameCable

    Logan Paul, the worlds most "disliked" YouTuber

    OK, we all know who he is, I got what's written below from a thread on news.com.au titled "How Logan Paul went from one of the world’s most famous YouTube stars to universally hated". So here is the full article: (Links and have been removed) HE was the world’s most famous YouTube star, but...
  2. M

    What made YouTube 2018?

    What events/people do you think defined YouTube 2018? I'd definitely say the Pauls, boxing, shane, fousey and PewDiePie were the major game-changers this year on YouTube. TBH, i don't think most of these things would make it onto YouTube rewind though because last year YouTube included...
  3. George Hudson


  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    LOGAN PAUL SUSPENDED - YouTube Costing Logan $1 Million A Month

    LOGAN PAUL SUSPENDED BY YOUTUBE // Logan Paul has been suspended by YouTube. YouTube has confirmed that they have removed all adverts from Logan Paul's channels. Logan Paul recently tasered 2 dead rats and a dead fish in a vlog. This comes after displaying a dead body in a vlog and thumbnail at...
  5. JonnyBoi

    Logan or Jake Paul?

    I've heard people from both sides saying "Jake Paul is better", or "Logan Paul is more funny", but I want to hear from you guys. Who do you prefer, and why? Is it because one is more entertaining, or more talented? Or do you just dislike both?. So gather 'round, place your votes, and lets see...
  6. iMovieKing

    Anyone else excited for the youtube demolition derby?

    I'm a long-time subscriber to Roman Atwood and he always has great ideas, especially this one. When I saw the list of participating youtubers, my excitement increased by 1000%. I Can't Wait!
  7. Landen

    Do You Have A Logan Paul Style On-Screen Mask"?

    We have an inevitable tendency to "perform" when we know we are in front of a camera that I call our "on-screen mask". Basically, if we know there is a camera in the room recording, we are bound to act slightly different and become a "performer," even if we try our best not to. One thing I...