lighting for video

  1. C

    Where to buy lighting equipment??

    I am looking to buy a ring lamp/light to use for filming makeup application (in Canada) so if there are any stores or product recommendations please list them here/online shopping links are an option too. Thanks!
  2. T

    The right lighting equipment?

    Hi YTtalk community, I'm brand new to YouTube and am looking for advice on this lighting setup. I'm a CPA/real estate investor and plan on making videos on related topics. Given the nature of the content, I want to present it in a professional-esqe way. For the most part, I plan to shoot these...
  3. VRONA

    Lighting in Videos | Will a Room Light and Office Desk Lamp be Enough?

    So I've began recording IRL videos recently, of me opening Pokémon cards. For such videos, will a general room light and an office lamp right above where I open them would be enough light to properly see everything?
  4. Rolz

    Lighting for videos?

    Hi guys whatsup! Hope you are all well. Just a quick question(mod feel free to move this if its in the wrong place): When shooting your actual videos (not recording gameplays) how do you get the lighting right? Do you just record in the morning when it's bright or do you situate some of those...