Lighting in Videos | Will a Room Light and Office Desk Lamp be Enough?


Loving YTtalk
So I've began recording IRL videos recently, of me opening Pokémon cards. For such videos, will a general room light and an office lamp right above where I open them would be enough light to properly see everything?
It depends on a few things. Room light can be enough, but often isn't after the sun goes down. Try to avoid directing harsh light directly at your face, let the light reflect or the wall or put baking paper in front op the light. Test things out with your camera, you can easily see in the viewfinder if you need more light. Also make sure the light isn't reflecting off the cards, making them hard to see ;)
It'll be enough but the trade off would be picture quality. You see, the image sensor chip of any camera is prone to dark current shot noise which is not negligible when lighting is dim. Simply put, in dark conditions (for example: putting the lid on your lens) your raw video should show a perfectly black frame, but if you zoom in to the darkness, they are some pixels that are not showing a totally dark color. This is caused by dark current flow in that pixel site of your image sensor. It's presence is seen as random spots in dark regions of your videos. To avoid this light up the scene properly.