1. Sony1210

    What My Toddler Eats in a Day!

  2. Stoner Gamer

    6 year old gamer

  3. Stoner Gamer

    My 6 year old gamer son

  4. Sony1210

    What My Toddler Eats in a Day!

  5. Leonel The Lion

    Vlog Kid Vlogger Olympia Washington

    I am a boy who vlogs in the olympia washington area and its hard to find any people from ranges 11-14! It would be awesome if anyone could collab with me long distance or whatever just make sure you hit me up Stay awesome
  6. 3kidstv

    Toy For Kids! Toy Gun Police Set For Kids

    Thanks for watching, subscribe and like! Thanks
  7. Sbrininger

    Equipment/software for a 9 year old??

    My daughter turns 9 in July and what she wants "more than anything in the world" is to create videos and have her own YouTube channel. Currently she only has an iPad 2 and is using that to create videos with her friends. As you can imagine, the audio and video are pretty bad, so we are looking...
  8. Kaynes Toyroom

    Kids Toy Channels

    Hello everyone! :bounce: My son & I have started a toy channel and are looking for other new toy/kid friendly channels to share knowledge and support with! So far we are having tons of fun with it, editing the videos is my favorite. My son has been watching toy YouTube videos since I can...
  9. J

    Gaming Minecraft Collab

    Hey Everyone My Name is Jenson and I'm looking for someone to do a Minecraft Video with. I would prefer a kid because I'm a kid as well. My YouTube Channel is JensonEntertainmentTV. By the way this is on PC. There is nothing required.
  10. Joeowens1

    Smoothie Challenge!

  11. Occasional Vlog

    aint no summer holidays gonna beat me. daily vlog #19

    I finally got around to doing my infamous summer holiday planner but my goodness it looks empty. How are we going to fill it.....??? EJ x
  12. K

    I want to improve my videography.

    I have one of the best channels on the internet, and I am a filmmaker wishing to grow my audience I have been doing it for a month and so far have been very successful, I have done no advertising up to this point, but I want to expand to a larger audience as I know people will enjoy my content...
  13. MoonandBeyond

    24 Hours With 3 Kids on a Snowy Day

  14. KidCom


    You have waited years for the new Star Wars movie ? You feel angry because someone spoils the movie before you even have a chance to watch it first ? Join the internet police force to put the spoilers in jail!!!
  15. Indexper

    Does This Content Entertain You?

    I am trying to be someone on Youtube and was wondering if people like the content i post.
  16. Dice Rollen

    Let's Talk Nostalgia | TV Show-Part 2

    Part 2 of my list of shows that I remember watching when I was a kid.