1. Conight

    Comedy Anybody interested in Japanese related stuff?

    Hey so I'm not much of an 'Otaku' or 'weeaboo' myself, infact I've barely watched/liked any manga or anime and my video game collection is very limited however I do like some Japanese music, BUT I lived in Japan and am planning on returning, which means I have learnt Japanese and since I've...
  2. Nick Effendi

    100 Subs! Exciting Start!!

    Hi All, Recently I went to Japan to do more of my Japan Vlog Series.. Back in Sydney now editing the vlogs with a new trailer out and.. I finally hit 100 subs which may seem small to some but to me was something i was aiming for! Yay!! So very blessed to have people supporting my Travel and...
  3. A


    I just posted a new video, another Gashapon / Gachapon unboxing! If you don't know, Gashapons are little capsule toys in japan that are usually a mystery, a cute toy or item that can be anything from a pokemon charm to a little tub of slime, to a squishy pack of noddles, usually super cute and...
  4. Pedro Nascimento

    Sleeping in a Capsule in Tokyo

    The MUST everybody has to do in Tokyo! Sleeping in a CAPSULE! Check out my experience! Places I visited: Tsukiji Fish Market Hamarikyo Gardens Shibuya area Meiji Shrine Inner Grden Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  5. Conight

    Vlog Anybody going to Japan?

    I currently live in Japan, I have for the past year and I would like to make some physical collaborational content just like I did back home in England. I can also speak Japanese, if that helps with some kind of collaborational idea you may create ^^
  6. Kasagi

    Channel ideas ?

    hey guys, as of now I have 3 channels ( metal music, dance music and gaming ) yeah odd mix I know I was thinking of doing a manga/anime review type thing to as nothing I do now reviews anything, it's mainly creative production Basically wondering if this is a good idea or not worth the time ?
  7. adeaoi

    Getting a health check in Japan

    In this vlog I show you the process of getting an annual health check in Japan!
  8. Feathers

    Is my content interesting & engaging?

    I'd like some feedback if my last video is interesting or entertaining? Any suggestions on improving in the future? SEO improvements welcome too.
  9. Dickjutsu

    Samurai History Q&A Video(s)

    So we've recently moved from our parent channel to our own channel and are working on rebuilding our subscriber base. An idea passed around was doing some Q&A type videos, possibly on both channels and linking from the (slightly) larger channel to the new channel by giving a preview of some...
  10. javacentral

    Coffee in Japan- Would love any and all feedback!

  11. javacentral

    Did my latest video just slightly different from my others..

    Wanted to see what yall thought about it. I started it off kinda like a tv show with describing a bit about Japan and diving in from there over my usual 'welcome to Java Central here's today's episode'. I thought it wasn't too shabby, just could have been a bit more exciting or more energy...
  12. kingofgaijin

    Vlog Looking for Vloggers in Tokyo, Japan!

    Looking for anyone in Tokyo Japan who does Vlogs who wishes to collaborate. Have a nice day!
  13. Dickjutsu

    Short Film Samurai History Short Skit(s)

    Hello all, I run the Japanese History web series called Samurai Gaiden. I'm looking to do a few highlighted videos through collaboration with a live-action filmer and/or an animator. -Live Action Film- I have a few topics where I'd like to be able to feature filmed 'skit' or segment in my...
  14. wabz

    Other Niche Anime Reviewer in New York Looking to Make New Friends

    Hi Everyone, WabinoSabi here! I’m looking to meet or collab with fellow anime reviewers/ Japanese Culture enthusiasts. I post reviews of kind of darker stuff (Inside Mari manga, Aku no Hana manga, Recently did a Perfect Blue movie review) and I’m also into psychological thrillers. Don’t get me...
  15. MistyEmma

    English Girl Reacts To Korean Beauty Products!

  16. Anjim

    Animation Calling all Anime/Manga Youtubers

    Hey I am looking for some anime/manga Youtubers to do a manga read along, discussion about series and Japanese culture. If you are interested Inbox me on my channel Anjim 2.0 and we will figure about a schedule. Together will can grow! We can do Skype or Google Hangout. Note: their is not...
  17. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Japanese MMA Fighter DRAMATIC WIN

    I couldn't resist!
  18. Horse007

    Japan Vlogging Review

    Hi kiddos! New to the whole youtube and vlogging scene, wanted to request a review so can fix any major issues early on! The channel is called Diary of The Lost Boys and is mainly travel based with the first set of vlogs coming from a trip to Japan. Would love to know: If the whole...
  19. ApexTV

    MULTIPLE UFOs Spotted in Osaka Japan

    Multiple UFOs were recently spotted in Osaka Japan. What do you think? In total, 10 circular white balls supposedly floated above the skies in Osaka Japan.