1. U

    How to find Stuff :) bluetooth Nut mini finder

    Hey.. so I don't post to the video section that often anymore as I thinks maybe my videos are a bit niche. But every body would find one of these tiny IOS/Android trackers useful I recon. Please help out a fellow yttalk peep and give my video a thumbs Up or comment to help it gain a little...
  2. U

    Every one could use wanna these handy bluetooth trackers?

    My latest upload. Appreciate any shares to get it going. Features Nut 2 tracker. Cheap bluetooth tracker/ key finder -pairs with ISO or Android devices.
  3. Courtney Candice

    If Siri was twenty one pilots

  4. Markiepie


    Hi, Sonic Fans! :wavespin: Thank you for checking out this thread. I just upload a video "SONIC FORCES SPEED BATTLE GAMEPLAY" and I'm really bad at it. Tell me what you thought about this video in this thread or in the comment on Youtube. I extremely appreciate any feedback relating to this...
  5. JayyDaGawd

    First Clash Royale video!

    Hey guys! I have just uploaded my first video back on youtube and it is a clash royale video! I made a new account to grind out for youtube videos and I just am looking for any feedback. Remember this is my first clash royale video, so it might be considered bad, but I'm looking for ways to...
  6. UnboxingSve

    How cool is this smallest controller for any smartphone

    I did a review and some gameplay on the smallest game controller that can work with any smartphone both IOS and Android. It works also for Windows and Mac OS.
  7. G

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with

    Hello! Anybody want to collab? I make gaming videos on console and IOS. The channel name is "Gigantics".
  8. F.C.E. 365

    YouTube Creator Studio is broken?

    Hi, If I recall accurately, 2 weeks ago my iOS Creator Studio suddenly broke, I received notifications but if I click on em, at that time the app would simply redirect to a page "No comments Found", or a simple white page. Starting from 2 days ago, I no longer receive notifications at all...
  9. Jorge N

    Need Some Great Advice From You Guys!!

    Need some advice on how to continue making my videos ? i've been kind of struggling to get some views on my channel and was wondering if it was maybe the content any advice really helps!
  10. C


    Collab.....Pixel Gun 3D Needs to Be 10 years old and up and has pg3d on his phone and lastly.... you need at least lvl 12 - 16 on pg3d to join in my server cuz higher levels cant join on lower ones. Youtube:ImCritxz Twitter:@xXAProGamerXx pm me if you want to collab :)
  11. Gaijillionaire

    Pico cassette - Changeable game cartridges for iOS and android coming November in Japan

    A really cool idea gets crowdfunding in Japan. Check it out to see what it's all about
  12. CraftersMagicYT

    How to record your IOS!

    Today I will be showing everyone how to record your IOS screen, the best method if you don't want to use money on reflector or that stuff, works great just as long as you don't shake the IOS too much or drop it, and it very rarely crashes but when it does it's up within 5-30 minutes :) I...
  13. chriphonestas

    Camera is better or screen recorder is enough?

    How is the best way to make a video tutorial for iPhone / iPad? Is it better to use a screen recorder or camera is better? anyway, I can just make a video tutorial for iPhone / iPad by using a screen recorder only. Please advised :")
  14. Epicurus

    Doomsday Craft - iOS short game review

    Hi All my latest iOS short game review is up. Doomsday Craft is a fun racing car game. Try and outrun the nuclear blast in your car. Collect crystals to upgrade or unlock new cars. Thanks for watching. John