1. Curiosity Ridge

    Issues with audience engagement

    Hey friends, I'm having a bulit of trouble getting audience engagement. Nobody seems to want to comment, like and most importantly subscribe. Most of my traffic comes from people who are not subscribers (92%) so you can imagine getting these people to interact is one of my top priorities. Some...

    Just Glue It, episode #1 - New interactive YT Gameshow, thingy

    We invite you to participate in this all new channel idea, although it has just began, it is off to a good start and would appreciate your tips and advice in making it better!
  3. C

    Skyrim - Hunter and Prey

    Today the day has come, the day that I start a new series within 2016, a series which is unique and like no others. In this serie Skyrim is played in a movie-like form, but instead every viewer can participate in what happens. By simply placing a comment and telling what you'd like to see or...
  4. C

    Attract Certain Viewers

    Ahoy y'all. As you might have seen I am doing an interactive series this 2016, and I am starting ASAP, but I am trying to involve my viewers in it by letting them decide outcomes of cliffhangers, things that happen in an episode and I'm going to play along that. But the problem is, my viewers...
  5. C

    Interactive Series - CHOOSE FROM TWO TRAILERS!

    I am releasing two trailers and letting the viewer choose which series will be a full length series on my channel. This series will not be a normal one but a series of a game which is done movie-like with a certain character, and everyone can influence the next episode by leaving a comment on...
  6. C

    Interactive Game Series

    Ahoy all. I have once again got an epic idea. I am gonna start a new game series in 2016 and it will be a dang special one. One where the viewer decides whats going on, at the end of each episode (which will end with a cliffhanger) the viewers can comment and tweet what they would like to see...
  7. Shadow Major


    To the untrained eye, the clock might look like any other clock, the background is a messy house because we don't have anywhere else to shoot, and that we have an obnoxiously bright light that leaves horrible glare... ALL OF THIS IS WRONG!!.... well... the clock bit is wrong. watch carefully...
  8. Shadow Major

    WILL YOU BET ON BLACK? Interactive magic trick

    Watch me mix all the cards, lay out six of them, you pick one, and I'll guess which one is yours! IT WORKS EVERY TIME! Tell my what you guys think, and how well it worked on you :)