horror games

  1. WarriorDan

    The Falling Sun [GAME REVIEW]

    I review The Falling Sun, a game so bad that even the developers, 4 years ago, walked away from it and eventually pulled it from the Steam store. As the first game I ever reviewed, at the time on behalf of a gaming news and review site, I thought it'd be fun, all these years later, to update my...
  2. Kuudere Ghost

    Gaming Looking for others to collab with (Resident Evil 6)

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate and play Resident evil 6 together for a couple videos!
  3. PopsLetsPlay

    Layers of Fear [Part 6] DELUSIONAL

    In this episode a lot of secrets get revealed about the man and his wife. While finding out those secrets i will be minding my own business..with loud growls and snarls following me every step of the way. That's always a pleasure. Oh, and let's not forget the menacing whispers in my head lol...
  4. TriStrider97

    I Just Want My Wife Back! - Outlast 2 - Part 4

    How's it going everyone TriStrider here bringing you another video of Outlast 2 and Marta the diamond hammer just doesn't quit well she is not getting my giblets
  5. TriStrider97

    I Don't Want A Wet Willy! - Outlast 2 - Part 2

    How's it going everyone TriStrider here bringing you another video of Outlast 2 and Well were in the search for are beloved wife lynn who has been kidnapped by the cult I don't know what they want with her but one thing i know for sure is....I need to get them sweet cheeks back! hope you enjoy
  6. jakzkinn

    Gaming small channel looking for a collaborative group of people.

    As the channel states I'm looking for people to collaborate with so we can all have our channels grow. I'm 19 years of age and I play on PC and PS4. I usually play games such as call of Duty, rainbow 6 siege, and horror games. If you're interested let me know and I'll get back to you! cheers!
  7. AMX Gaming

    Welcome To AMX Gaming

    Trailer about my channel enjoy and thank you for watching and the support
  8. M


    I'm new on yttalk and I'm trying to grow my channel. I have a small gaming channel that focus' on horror rn, I'm getting a camera and I am going to start doing things like pranks, DIY's, and facecam videos. Right now I need help on what i can improve on, if your reading this I would love if you...
  9. PhoenixAnimus

    Lock and Load | Cry of Fear (Extended Edition)

    So yeah, I got a gun and it made me want to sing, like seriously this video was so fun to record and you should totally check it out...oh and leave your opinions on the video on how I can improve please Also I'm trying to hit 350 subscribers before the end of the month.
  10. Winger94

    Time for some old-fashioned horror with Final Take!

    Hey guys how are you doing? I hope you are ready for a charge of good horror because this game really ticked my fancies! Final Take is an indie horror game where we'll need to explore and record everything in an abandoned hospital! Seems fine to me so let's go!
  11. Winger94

    THIRD NIGHT in Dungeon Nightmares 2! Truly a nightmare!

    This game didn't seem so scary at the beginning. The first 2 nights went so nicely and nothing bad actually happened. Now it's different: all those jumpscares are attempting my poor heart, I don't know for how long it will survive. I hope you'll like this video and of course, if you have any...
  12. Winger94

    One of the best horror games I ever played! Time to VANISH!

    This game is actually really well made. It can be a bit old but you know that they say: old but gold! VANISH is one of those horror games that will always make you shivering, no matter if you already played it or not! This is the second time I played it and I'm aiming to the victory this time! I...
  13. Winger94

    I love playing those small indie horror games!

    Time to jump into a new game! This is the time for Six Flags! A particular note about this game is the colors: everything is in black & white and I think that those 2 colors make everything scarier! I hope you will like it and feel free to share your opinions with me (that would be awesome!).
  14. Foorson

    The Evil Within Part 12 | HERE BOY!

    OK K.O! Second upload of the day : The Evil Within part 12! This game is a true horror!
  15. Winger94

    Me and Minos together forever in Crypts of Minos

    Hello guys! Well this game was interesting, despite his actual length (maybe because it's still incomplete). The plot is basically one: escape the labyrinth before something discovers your presence! Despite the graphic I actually liked this game so let me know what you think about it!
  16. H

    Take a Crack at What This Games Plot is....

    so this is a game I have had in my steam library for quiet a while and for quiet a while I cannot understand it ;c I hope you enjoy!
  17. Cruzio Caesar

    From Rage games to Survival Horror, new videos out most days! Check it out pilgrims.

    Whats up, my name is CruzioCaesar, fairly new to the whole let's play, but am bringing out content as regularly as possible. I mainly play either indie or horror games (whatever shows up as interesting on my steam really), and am currently enjoying playthroughs of both Super Meat Boy and The...