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  1. Lazy Nik

    DON'T KICK THE BABY | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 1

    So, this'll be my first post here :D Recently one of my friends gifted me this game, and seeing how I already have played and recorded all the previous parts of the series, I want you to go with me o this hell of a journey. And yes, I know, this is point-and-click stuff might be boring for...
  2. CorporalKilljoy

    First Horror Gameplay

    Well I finally got some gaming on my channel. slow start but we all gotta start somewhere. If anyone would like to support my channel I put links down below thanks Evil within 2 part 1 Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/corporalkilljoy
  3. CorporalKilljoy

    The Evil Within 2 My First Horror Play through

    Well I finally got some gaming on my channel. slow start but we all gotta start somewhere. If anyone would like to support my channel I put links down below thanks Evil within 2 part 1 Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/corporalkilljoy
  4. Couples Crusade

    We get terrified by a forest, pig, elk, demon thing!!

    This is our most recent video and we are quite happy with how it turned out. We hope that it is enjoyable for everyone else, we'd love some feedback from anyone willing to give it.
  5. TheToastGamer

    Bendy and The Ink Machine- I wasn't ready

    What is up guys! My name is Lexi & I am back with another horror episode of bendy and the ink machine & yes there are quite a few jump scares.. and i do scream a lot haha. If you've liked this video feel free to check out my channel, i'm looking for more gamers to play with & be friends with!
  6. Jawad Soomro


    Freaking cool game, even though game got some bugs and lags. Its definitely a JUMPSCARE game, it will make your heart pump faster. It starts from a city and ends in a Space. Like NASA? Alien World?
  7. TriStrider97

    Welcome To Hell - Outlast 2 - Part 1

    How's it going everyone TriStrider here bringing you Outlast 2 the full game and It's Just an intense ride from the beginning hope you enjoy and Remember To Check Out My Channel And Subscribe
  8. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Tentacle Love

    get ready for more scares, scary chases and creepy enemies trying to kill us we also get some tentacle love and action along the way. we revisit the scary school and relive the part we saw in the outlast 2 demo. Thank You for watching this Outlast 2 | Tentacle Love gameplay, let's play video...
  9. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | I Found The Devil

    The wait is over Outlast 2 is finally here, this is part one where we get the story on how we ended up on creepy Arizona where insane cult people live, as a dedicated report we investigate a report and realize we have made a big mistake as we have to deal with the devil himself. Outlast 2 | I...
  10. JayPlaysOfficial

    HAHA NOOOOOPE! | Forest

    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another video!
  11. AMX Gaming

    What If Ghosts Were Real? | A Girls Fabric Face (Indie Horror)

    What If Ghosts Were Real? | A Girls Fabric Face A brutal murder has taken place in an old home located in SattleWen. Three girls have been brutally murdered in the home, and police call it “The most violent crime to ever happen in this city”. Young Anna, aged 16 is intrigued by what has...
  12. Raven


    Thanks to 200 of you lovely ghosts and ghouls am now at 200 subs, and I can't be more thankful for that. I make stupid videos of me trying to be scared and seeing that some people enjoy it makes me feel really grateful. <3
  13. AMX Gaming

    I Stole The Finger | Deadtruth: The Dark Path Ahead

    DeadTruth: The Dark Path Ahead is back, this time we pick up right after the giant spiders section and continue trying to figure out some very tough but cool puzzles, we also use that finger that i stole from some dead guy that doesn't need it anymore because he's dead lol. i had a tough time...
  14. AMX Gaming

    Scared For My Life | Judas Let's Play

    Hi everybody amx here, i had no idea this game was gonna be this scary. Judas is an atmospheric horror first-person associated frightening events filled with death and cruelty in an apartment house where the protagonist falls. But accidents are not accidental, and it means that you have the...
  15. TheInsaneOtaku


    Hey everyone! This is my first video with my facecam being greenscreened! It is a major improvement. Come check it out everyone!
  16. TheInsaneOtaku

    TheInsaneOtaku - Check out my channel and my newest video!

    Hey everyone! Thanks for clicking on this post and checking me out! My channel is primarily let's plays usually in the horror genre. I would love any feedback, I'm always trying to improve. Have a great day everyone! https://www.youtube.com/TheInsaneOtaku
  17. AMX Gaming

    DeadTruth: The Dark Path Ahead | Down Poochie

    In this deadtruth the dark path ahead gameplay, we see the wolves once again, we form a strategy to beat them and we realize that poochie is not so tough Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  18. AMX Gaming

    The Wendigo Gameplay - It's Here

    The Wendigo is a new indie horror game and it's terrifying! Never turn you back on the wendigo or else...
  19. AMX Gaming

    Don't Trust The Cat | Layers Of Fear: Inheritance Gameplay

    In this layers of fear inheritance gameplay we continue with exploring this scary place, flashbacks, jumpscares, a doll leading us to somewhere scary, and we come across a toy cat that looks suspicious.
  20. AMX Gaming

    DeadTruth: The Dark Path Ahead | Pooch-Nuts

    In this gameplay of deadtruth the dark path ahead we head down the elevator and find pooch nuts a funny name that i give to these insanely mean wolves out for blood. about deadtruth the dark path ahead You play a character named Michael Anderson who's life from loss of his loved ones, turned...
  21. AMX Gaming

    Horror Of The Deep: Nothin But Death

    horror of the deep: in this episode we dive deeper into the scariness, we meet faster enemies which are also very scary and so many deaths, jump scares and funny moments.
  22. CandyPhantom

    LET'S PARTY WITH THE QUEEN! [Pocket Mirror Gameplay #4]

    This is my latest gameplay for the indie, horror game, Pocket Mirror featuring Queen Egliette!
  23. AMX Gaming

    DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead | What's In The Water...?

    In this deadtruth the dark path ahead we begin to figure out a strange mystery hidden within the computer archives, we also descend onto a place that reminds me so much of outlast pump area, a lot of scares and deaths in this gameplay About deadtruth: You play a character named Michael...
  24. AMX Gaming

    Save Her | The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

    The walking dead a new frontier - This is the continuation of last time where we lost a valuable member, people were injured and we had to make a run for it in hopes that we can save here.
  25. AMX Gaming

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent Gameplay | Off With His Head

    We start this amnesia the dark descent gameplay with a surprise, an intense chase as well as trying to make the tonic needed to free aggrippa, sadly the way we free him is not what i was expecting, we have to cut his head? ok than, off with his head Thank You For Watching this gameplay...
  26. AMX Gaming

    Horror Of The Deep Alpha Build (Early Access) Gameplay #1

    Horror Of the Deep is an early access game where we descend to scarier levels than the previous, each level has something new including puzzles, monsters and what looks like cells for captive prisoners. About Horror Of The Deep Alpha Build DIVE INTO THE DEEP Fallen into a giant old dungeon...
  27. AMX Gaming

    This Indie Horror game Ruined My Facecam. VHS

    Video Horror Story (V.H.S) the idea of this game is amazing, you get to use frequencies from a v.h.s like picture to detect objects, including the monsters trying to kill you. The only problem to this indie horror game is that the picture gets so distorted that it also destroys the face cam, i...
  28. AMX Gaming

    Run For Your Life | Amnesia The Dark Descent

    We get chased by the monster in this amnesia the dark descent gameplay, we are trying to help agrippa out of his chains and we are very close to making the necessary ingridients to take on alexander. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  29. AMX Gaming

    Amazing And Scary Horror Game | DreadOut: Keepers Of The dark

    Did not know this dreadout keepers of the dark game was this terrifying, so scary and with some amazing features and very fun levels Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day About Dreadout Keepers Of The Dark: is a new standalone horror game that takes place in the DreadOut universe. In...
  30. Jawad Soomro


    Always follow the LIGHT to get to your goals. Hell Yeah! This is the demo version, so we can't reach goals so fast. However it was amazing journey until I entered a new house. ENJOY THE GAMEPLAY!