help me grow

  1. S

    Give me Advice Plz

    Hey im new to youtube and i want advice on what u think about my channel and what i should keep doing or even stop
  2. chillion

    No one notices me??

    Hello, I am a youtuber that makes comedy videos, great right? Well, my comedy videos, don't seem to get noticed because of how different and unique they can be. Like my videos can be so weird that no one will find them because no one would want or think of watching them. Like who is going to...
  3. CarnatikProductions


    So I feel like I've peaked. Like I've hit a glass ceiling. I've been making videos for like a year now, not very long, and I just feel like I need some direction. Any and every criticism is welcome. I'm conflicted on whether or not to continue this youtube thing any more. I just need advice...
  4. wildvideo4

    helping youtubers

    how can you help other youtubers?
  5. Emily Richardson

    I Can Take It!.....Probably

    Hey guys! So I've been posting a lot on here lately, and I absolutely love you guys, so I feel ready to ask you...*takes super deep breath* Could you guys take a look at my videos and tell me what you honestly think of them? Let me know if I could change anything in the branding, styling...
  6. H

    Hey ermmm been a while

    So guys I would like to say I had to quit youtube over 2 years ago and it made me quiet sad for I was hacked and lost 3 years worth of stuff for it got my account band. But I was hopeful and didn't wanna give up. Saved up my student loan, bought a super computer and all legal licences (...