1. HandsomeNature14

    Need more nature in your life? HD

    I created "Handsome Nature" for those who don't get a chance to experience the beauty of Nature as often as they would like. Featuring High Definition Lakes, Rivers, Fields and Forests. Waterfalls, Canoe trips, Oceans, Sunrises and all things green. Our scenes help people relax, sleep...
  2. The Light Life Project

    Check out my video on depression in college!

    Here is the link to our first video I created an organization called The Light Life Project. The organization raises depression awareness through events, activities, and workshops through college campuses and online, funds mental health research, spreads positivity through social media...
  3. PositivelyBrainwashed

    14 Eating Healthy Affirmations that you must say!

    Here's 14 Eating healthy Affirmations using hypnotizing Whiteboard Animation. Enjoy :)
  4. jslreview

    Need people to review my review!!

    This is my very first video for my very first YouTube channel. Totally welcome any feedback, tips, etc. from anyone. Thanks!
  5. TopFormFitness

    Other Looking for Fitness YouTuber to Collab with

    I'm looking for another fitness YT channel to produce a collab video with, ether in person or virtually / online. We can each shoot our own portion of a video and send to each other to edit a collab video with both of our content, or we can simply create our own videos that relate to eachothers...
  6. Kevin and Jamie

    200 subs in first week?

    I launched my channel just under 2 months ago, and through friends and family I was able to get about 200 subscribers. Naturally, that count is adding up much slower now that I have squeezed my networks dry. At this point I am dependant on THE INTERNET to build a bigger viewership. For those...
  7. FatToFit

    Opinions on my Fitness Channel?

    Hey guys! So I'm new to these forums and was just wondering if some of you could give me your hinest opinions on my channel? I've lost over 55 kg on my own and I created a channel to help others do the same. Let me know what you think! Thanks
  8. Chic LadyT

    Beauty/Makeup Looking to Collaborate on Hair, Health, Recipes, and/or Remedies Videos

    Hi, We are a new YouTube channel looking to do collaborations with others in the topics of hair and health. We are especially looking for hairstyle tutorials. You can find our channel on youtube by searching Chic LadyT. We cover topics on health, hair tutorials, self care education, recipes...
  9. Danny.K

    Fitness vid on building mass for the skinny guy

    If you guys would like to see a video how I put on weight and toned it out from a stick figure lol let me know :) I'm an Ectomorph, meaning my body is naturally thin and burns through calories like crazy!!! So if you wanna gain weight, the healthy way. Let me know ;)