hard drive

  1. Your Buddy Gas

    How many TB should I dedicate for storing footage?

    I know, this question may sound a bit stupid, but I'm considering to add a sdd hard drive for my pc for storing gameplay footage. I compress it with handbrake to safe a lot of space but the footage can go up to 2 hours (so I can capture gameplay automaticly when I'm doing good at a game) long of...
  2. backpackcrew

    Storage advice: hard drive vs. cloud. Thoughts?

    Hi everyone, I'd love to have your thoughts on the use of cloud and hard drives. At first, I thought that my 2TB hard drive would be enough but I end up having to delete my raw footage all the time (not enough space left) and only being able to keep the edited versions. Having to constantly...
  3. Scheck

    External Hard Drives, and Managing Files

    Hey folks, I have just finished my third Vlog since my second wind of Vlogging and I've just seen I've used 15GB of data already. Previously, I was travelling lightly, and each time I uploaded a Vlog onto Youtube I would simply delete the original files and start clean. I couldn't carry a Hard...