1. MangoDude


    Hey so i am looking for someone i can play games with, Record videos and we can basically grow together on youtube. I am currently on 126 subscribers 14+ years old please We can play games like GTA V, Garry's Mod, CS:GO, And many other games And decent audio and video :D
  2. TeamShahPlays

    NEAR 100 SUBS! 32 MORE TO GO

    Help me reach my first milestone I work hard on my vids I post cod and sports games
  3. Blerim

    Why is my channel not growing fast ???

    Hi guys I would love to get your feedback and also if you are experiencing the same issue , that you are not growing fast enough. I would love to see what you think of my channel , I improve every new video that I make over that last one , and still not growing fast enough.
  4. Readee

    Goals for 2016

    Hi everyone I just started my channel last week and am now hooked on making Youtube videos. So i'm now want to set myself some Goals for 2016. I was thinking around 1000 subs by the end of next year. do you think this is a realistic goal or am i setting the bar to high or low? would love to hear...
  5. MitchProVideos


    Hey guys, so my channel has been growing at a pretty fast rate, but one problem has occurred. All of the people subscribed are all my friends and I was wonder how can I push more people to my channel and videos? Feel free to check out my channel and give feedback. My channel name is...
  6. Zachary Thomas

    Why aren't my subscribers growing?

    For the last 3-5 videos my subscriber growth has been stuck at the same number, which is discouraging to me cause I'm trying to promote as much as I can and use any means neccesary to get others to watch, do any of you have advice on how to grow the amount of people that subscribe?
  7. FanoBelmont partnership?

    Hello guys. I just want to bring this up with the community. I am a new youtuber focusing on gaming videos and I know one of the big questions out there is partnering or not partnering. I was recently contacted by someone representing offering a partnership, and I was wondering if...
  8. BlackYettie2.0

    Gaming Hey guys it's your pal Blackayettie

    I am looking to collaborate with other youtubers I'm currently doing a gaming channel its about a year or so old I'm 18 yrs old united States PA if your down to collaborate msg me also my channel is Blackyettie or email me at another email is
  9. CubizFIFA

    Anybody got tips on growing as a Graphics Designers?

    I am relatively new to Graphics Design, I made a GFX channel - search for CubizGFX on YT to find it (Not aloud to post links) I have uploaded a few videos so far and am trying to grow, anybody got any tips for getting your graphics out there and growing?