goal reached

  1. Diversified Unison

    Goals for 2018 (thread locked)

    Hey everyone... Sooooo 2018 is almost here... Any special plan for your channel? What milestone you want to reach this new year? Share with us!! :D For me, 2017 goal was to reach 200 subs but I only reached 120. I guess better than nothing haha..Me and my team will continue working hard and we...
  2. K.piddy

    5000 + total views thus far.....

    So i finally met the middle goal for my 10,000 total views mark for my channel! Im very happy about the growth. Ive been posting for about two months now and things are really starting to grow the more time i spend on bettering my content and over all channel look. THANK THE LAWD. i HOPE to...
  3. Raid MusicHD

    I am in 50 Subs

    Hi everyone, Finally I reached 50 subs with 3.5 K views. I am lucky that there are few people like my content. I hope I can get 100 subs before new year :) now #roadto100subs
  4. Rolz

    100 people crazy enough to sub to me XD

    I just recently reached my short-term goal of 100 subscribers! A big thank you to all of those that helped me along the way and gave me a chance, I couldn't have done this without you :D It may seem menial to some but to me it signals the start of something greater to come! I treasure each and...
  5. AaliyahF

    Finally 100 subs

    I feel so happy to have finally reached a little more than 100 subscribers on my youtube channel. I know it is quite a small number, however it was one of my goals and now that I have accomplished it I can move on to relatively bigger goals
  6. UnicycleFight

    Half way to 100! I can smell that custom URL!

    I have surpassed all the goals I set to reach by Christmas and I'm starting to see significant increase in traffic and engagement! :bounce::dance::spin::running::twins::giggle:
  7. Porcupixel


    Hey everyone! Since this is the place to shout out accomplishments, we just hit 30 subs! It definitely may seem like a small number to some, but to us its a great milestone. Thats 30 people who liked us so much, they wanted to see more...that's crazy! Our last few subs came from yttalk so thanks...
  8. AaliyahF

    50 subs

    After quite some time I finally reached 50 subs. I am really looming forward to reaching 100 subs so therefore I can start sharing my channel with ppl I know
  9. crackbot72

    1K views and 30 Subs!

    My channel has been growing quite a bit recently, and I am currently at 1.05k views and reached 30 Subs (currently at thirty one) and boy, it feels good.
  10. Switchbox

    Goals For 2015

    What are your goals for 2015? Share them with us here :) End of the year Views: 250.000 (total) Subs: 1500 (total) Monthly goals Views: 10.000 Subs: 100 Daily goals Views: 500
  11. Emily Richardson


    Soooo....I mean, the title kind of gives it away, but I'm gonna say it anyways: I HIT 1000 VIEWS LAST NIGHT!!!!! I am so incredibly excited and humbled by this, I honestly can't believe I hit my goal. I want to thank all of the awesome YTTalk-ers who took the time to check out my channel...