gaming squad

  1. Jaise

    Gaming Searching for Gaming Group Members

    Hi, This is Jaise from TIGTV Productions. As of February 11th, 2018, I have 364 subscribers (unidentified deity knows how many are active) and I reluctantly produce gaming content, most recently with my friend of three years, EdgeStrike909, or Strike as he goes by. Due to previous collaborators...
  2. Racurz

    Gaming YouTube Clan

    Yo guys i was just wondering if anyone wanted to create a new YouTube Clan with me i have 107 subscribers and guys if you are interested please have atleast 100+ subs so we all can gain an fair amount if any of our subs check out the other channels if interested please contact me on twitter...
  3. PrimeSyndicate

    Gaming Recording Group!

    So everyone knows about VanossGaming and all of his friends, right? Well you know how he has a big group of friends that he records with? Well that's what I am aiming to do. I want to create a big group of funny, dedicated YouTube gamer friends that are willing to record almost anything. Now by...