1. SomeOneElse9898

    Gaming 7 Days to die Collab (UK)

    Hello there random people of the internet and I am SomeOneElse Gaming and I am looking for someone to play 7 days to die with, I am a big fan of 7dtd and I would love to play it on my channel but I am not a big fan of playing it on my own so that's why I am looking for someone to play it with...
  2. Xaegoba

    900+ views!!!

    It's been a long time coming but I'm almost at my goal of 1k views I only have 45 subs so this is big for of my videos blew up which helped a lot and active subs came in handy..I hope the views and subs keep comeing b/c YT is hard sh*t and I'd hate to see it all go to waste...
  3. C

    Gaming Looking for members to join my youtube group!!! (Xbox one)

    I Am looking for some people to collaborate with on Xbox one and create some Funny moment videos The idea of the group us to bring people together and do videos together. If you wanna know more dm me on Twitter: @Cocoallthetime
  4. Matias Gomez

    Vlog Anyone Want to Collab In LA?

    Was up HairyNation. So I will travelling to the beautiful city on LA. From the 12-19 of March. If you want to see what I am all about, my name on YT is TheHairyPrankster. I do a range of videos. I am just trying grow my channel. I was thinking in doing a public video or interviews with people...
  5. Liontakanashi

    Gaming Looking for long-term YouTube Gaming Collab PC/PS4.

    Am looking for someone or group to do league of leagues and any game that we both have on ps4 and pc hope i get to hear from you soon. and we both grow.
  6. M

    Gaming Looking for a collab

    I am a YouTuber called, MysticTraveller1, and I mainly play video games. There are no requirements so just message me if your interested.
  7. S.A.D

    Gears of War 4 Review

    Ok fellas. Just a random small time gamer who decided to say "Why not. I will review this" And so here we are.
  8. DisStalker

    Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom #7

    Humanity finally wins against the titans! Enjoy:D
  9. DisStalker

    Happy Wheels #7

    We are smashing humans as the Hulk!
  10. Abstract Gaming x2

    Gaming Looking to do a collab.

    I am looking to do a collab. I have 100 subs and mostly play on xbox one and pc. If anyone is interested just message me on here and we will set it up. My youtube tag below works if you wish to check me out first.
  11. A

    Need to know if my sound is alright!

    Hey guys, I made a video and I wanted to know if I sound weird. I would appreciate it if you guys would rate the sound in this video!
  12. T

    Gaming Channel: TwoToneTom, looking for a recording partner

    Well Hi guys I'm looking for someone 15+ to record with. I would like to do a little factorio(That one requires a server which is bleh but no the less I would like to) I was also thinking Minecraft buuuuuuuuuuut I know that's a little overused so maybe some civ 5 or some warcraft 3. But I can...
  13. MithrilRoshi

    Missing Youtube Playlist

    I need a little help here. I got no clue why but I must have changed something and now my saved playlists are missing. Would really like help with this if anyone could since I have tried all other resources for help and no one has answered. ^^; Here is a example of what it normally looks like.