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  1. WarriorDan

    Is House of the Dead: Remake Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    For this week's game review video, I thought it'd be fun to check out the recently-released House of the Dead: Remake, since I had grown up playing the original arcade game. As always, I welcome your feedback and support over on YouTube. Comments are always more than appreciated, and I enjoy...
  2. WarriorDan

    Is Propnight Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    Many games have found different ways to incorporate Prophunt gameplay in slightly differing ways, but there haven't been that many standalone Prophunt games. That's where we get Propnight. Propnight is a 4v1 asymmetric multiplayer arena game, similar to Dead by Daylight. There are four...
  3. WarriorDan

    Is Blood West Worth Buying? [Blood West review]

    In this review video, we take a look at Blood West, the new horror-themed first-person shooter game developed and published by HyperStrange. Blood West is currently available on Steam as a Steam Early Access game.
  4. WarriorDan

    Is Midnight Ghost Hunt Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    In this newest review video, we take a look at the recently-released early access game, Midnight Ghost Hunt. As ever, if you enjoyed this video, feel free to give it a like on YouTube directly, or leave a comment below the video there too. I respond to basically all comments posted on any of my...
  5. WarriorDan

    Is Killsquad Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    In this newest review video, we break down and analyze the game to see what works and what doesn't here in Killsquad, the hack-and-slash action RPG developed by Novarama, As ever, feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below the video itself on YouTube. I read and respond to...
  6. WarriorDan

    Is Humankind Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    In this Humankind review video, I try to break down the inherently-complicated Humankind gameplay mechanics and flow, going over its many pros and cons, to answer the ultimate question of whether Humankind worth buying. Humankind is currently available to purchase via Steam and free to anyone...
  7. WarriorDan

    Is The Anacrusis Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    In this newest review video, we explore yet another Left 4 Dead clone game developed by a handful of the original developers behind Left 4 Dead itself. If you're wondering whether The Anacrusis is worth buying, you've come to the right place.
  8. WarriorDan

    Is Blightbound Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    In this game review video, I take a look at Blightbound, the action-RPG game published by Devolver Digital, to determine whether or not it's worth buying.
  9. WarriorDan

    Is Back 4 Blood Worth Buying? [B4B review]

    I thought it'd be fun to end off the year with some zombie-slaughtering fun. Sure, the game may be buggy as hell, but it's hard to deny that it's fun nevertheless. Feel free to leave a like and comment if you enjoyed the video, I respond to basically all comments posted on my channel, and happy...
  10. WarriorDan

    Is Hell Architect Worth Buying? [Hell Architect review]

    In this newest game review video, I take a look at the Kickstarter-funded indie game "Hell Architect". As ever, if you enjoy the video, giving it a like always helps, and feel free to pop by and say hi in the comments, or chime in however you want there. I respond to almost all comments posted...
  11. WarriorDan

    Is Propnight Worth Playing? [First Impressions]

    In this newest first impressions video, I take a look at the prophunt-themed game (appropriately-named) Propnight. If you're a fan of games like Dead by Daylight, Propnight might be a game worth checking out, as it plays out quite similarly.
  12. WarriorDan

    Is the Evil Genius 2 Portal Pack DLC Worth Playing?

    In this newest review video, I take a look at the recently-released Evil Genius 2 Portal-themed free DLC pack, made in collaboration with Valve. As ever, your likes and comments are more than appreciated, and I do respond to almost all comments posted on my videos, so anytime you want to chat...
  13. WarriorDan

    Is Evil Genius Worth Buying In 2021? [GAME REVIEW]

    Evil Genius 2, when it first launched on Steam, was an incredibly fun but buggy game. Fast forward about a year, and we now have several new patches and a brand-new free DLC pack bringing the Pyro from the madness of Team Fortress 2 into the equally chaotic and diabolical world of Evil Genius 2...
  14. WarriorDan

    Is King of Seas Worth Buying? [King of Seas review]

    In this week's game review video, I critique the recently-released action-RPG game "King of Seas". As ever, liking and commenting on this video really would be appreciated, as it helps it get more visibility in the YouTube algorithm!
  15. WarriorDan

    Is Hood: Outlaws & Legends Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    Hood: Outlaws & Legends marketed itself strongly on being the spiritual successor to the Assassin's Creed multiplayer modes we saw back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, digging in strongly to those stealth-action routes, but the ultimate question is how well does it ultimately separate itself...
  16. WarriorDan

    Is Resident Evil 8 Worth Buying

    In this newest game review video, I review the recently-released action-horror game, Resident Evil: Village. As always, if you enjoyed this video, or found it informative, liking and commenting really do help get this video more views, courtesy of the YT algorithm!
  17. WarriorDan

    Is Evil Genius 2 Worth Buying?

    In this latest game review video, I break down and discuss the recently-released real-time strategy game, Evil Genius 2. As ever, if you enjoy my work and want to support what I do, liking the video and commenting on YT really helps give it a boost!
  18. WarriorDan

    The Uncertain Future of Phasmophobia in 2021 And Beyond

    In this standalone discussion video, I discuss the uncertain future of Phasmophobia in 2021, citing a majority of sources, including the official Phasmophobia patch notes, the current pattern of prior Phasmophobia update releases, and information about past and future Phasmophobia patch releases...
  19. WarriorDan

    Is Kingshunt Worth Playing? [Kingshunt First Impressions]

    It was really fun to have an opportunity to check out this game during one of its public alpha tests. Hopefully, we'll get to see a ton more interesting content from this game when it launches as a Steam Early Access title later this Spring. As ever, if you enjoyed this video or have any...
  20. WarriorDan

    Is Genshin Impact worth playing?

    In this lengthy Genshin Impact game review video, I breakdown and discuss the pros and cons of the aforementioned popular online open-world game, Genshin Impact. As ever, if you enjoyed this video, consider popping over to the YouTube page to give it a thumbs up and comment to let me know your...
  21. WarriorDan

    Is Drake Hollow Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    It was fun to play a game that's a little bit different, but as ever, different doesn't always mean good. If you have any feedback on this video, or want to show your support, I'd always appreciate a comment on the video. I don't frequently check here on the forum, but I respond to nearly all...
  22. WarriorDan

    Team Fortress 2 Smissmas 2020 event [First Impressions]

    Decided to spend 10 minutes talking about Valve's newest and somewhat unexpected holiday-themed TF2 major update, Smissmas 2020.
  23. WarriorDan

    Folklore Hunter Bloodfang Forest review [GAME REVIEW]

    Any feedback is more than welcome. I don't respond to much here, but I'm very active on YouTube, so if you're looking to talk to me, the comments section is the best place to reach me.
  24. WarriorDan

    Is Mafia Definitive Edition Worth Buying? [Game Review]

    Just put up a new in-depth game review of the recently-released "Mafia Definitive Edition", developed by Hanger 13, and published by 2K Games. If you enjoy the video, or have any feedback for me, please leave it as a comment below the video, as it's easier for me to check there than it is here...
  25. kenanmarasli

    Gaming Looking for a Co-Host for a PC Game Review Podcast Project

    Hey everyone! I am looking for a co-host for the podcast series I am starting that is for reviewing video games in a structured but casual and friendly chat. The podcast sessions will be once in a month and we are going to pick the game together that we will be talking about. The podcast...
  26. WarriorDan

    Alien Blackout [GAME REVIEW]

    I review the recently-released controversial Alien Isolation mobile spinoff, Alien Blackout. I'm not sure who over at Fox thought what Alien Isolation fans wanted was a mobile game, but they should be promptly tarred and feathered in early colonial fashion. Just a thought. I do appreciate...
  27. WarriorDan

    Darkness Rises [GAME REVIEW]

    In my newest game review video, I review the hack-and-slash action-RPG mobile game, "Darkness Rises", in this newest episode of my longstanding "What Is The Point Of" series. Any feedback either here or below the video is always helpful. Likewise, if you enjoy this video and/or my other...
  28. WarriorDan

    Occupy White Walls [First Impressions]

    In this video, I review Occupy White Walls, the recently-released Steam Early Access art-based simulation game. Keep in mind my critique in this video only reflects the current state of the game, and hopefully one day some of my criticisms will no longer be relevant. If you enjoy this video...
  29. WarriorDan

    The Falling Sun [GAME REVIEW]

    I review The Falling Sun, a game so bad that even the developers, 4 years ago, walked away from it and eventually pulled it from the Steam store. As the first game I ever reviewed, at the time on behalf of a gaming news and review site, I thought it'd be fun, all these years later, to update my...
  30. WarriorDan

    Into The Dead 2 [Game Review]

    I review the narrative-driven run-and-gun first-person-shooter mobile game "Into The Dead 2", in this newest episode of "What Is The Point Of", my longstanding game review series, which mainly focuses on reviewing PC games, but has recently been expanded in order to cover some occasional console...