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  1. Breezie

    Gaming Looking for Small Content Creators to Collab With (16+)

    I would ideally like to play games like Raft, Ark: Survival Evolved, Apex Legends, Minecraft. I'm pretty open to new ideas, though and willing to try almost anything. I live in EST and I'm going to college in about a month, at which point I will not be on as frequently or be able to upload as...
  2. GrannyGamer

    Eastshade, Amazing Visuals, Sounds and Characters

    No violence in this beautiful game, the intro is below my name and this is the second episode, I've just uploaded the third to my yt channel. I hope you enjoy :)
  3. Tamilvanan Ramalingam

    GTA 5 CRAZY MODE killing streak ∞

  4. Ella Vo

    12 Best game coming for 2018 - PC/Xbox/Playstation 4

    These are the 2018 new games that must try. Check out the game trailer and gameplay! 0:04 - Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown 0:59 - Biomutant 25:56 - Dragon Ball Fighterz 27:10 - Darksiders 3 28:28 - Far Cry 5 34:44 - Kingdom Hearts 3 40:01 - Mechwarriors 5: Mercenaries 55:05 - Metro...
  5. BilliamGeorge

    My first 10 subscribers!!

    I've been having a quick look at the milestones and saw everyone getting thousands of subs and views which is great! It shows it's possible to achieve! I wanted to share that I have got 10 subscribers now but I hope to get up to 1000 like many of you! Everybody has to start somewhere! I'm only 2...
  6. ValxGaming

    Gaming PC Gaming Parnters

    Am looking for people to play dead by daylight and battlefield 1 on PC. We can play other games as well if you want. If you are interested, Add me on discord ValxGaming#5124
  7. Naybor

    Game Channels! How do you choose what games to play?

    Just curious about what makes you pick a game to play on your channel? Mine is a combination of 1. I want to play the game. Plain and simple. 2. Popularity or a game that should become popular quickly. 3. I've watched it on another channel and it looked like fun!
  8. Overrated Idiot

    Gaming Looking for some fellow noobs to play Rust

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone wanted to team up on Rust to make a few videos. I recently started a YouTube channel and want to make some funny gaming videos. If you want to join me in recording Rust for a wipe or just to troll around hit me up on Discord and thanks for reading :)...