1. Roman Ryder

    The Matrix has you!

    This week I'm plugging into the Matrix to give you 5 tips to hack your freedom!

    Joining Fullscreen!

    Hey guys so i applied to fullscreen and they were willing to accept me, but i never confirmed as i looked up a lot of videos and people said don't do it! I did join freedom a few months ago and it did absolutely nothing except instantly take any money i made from ads i left, but i'm...
  3. B

    Looking for a good network to join - 500k views a month - 100k sub channel

    Hi guys, I recently just got out of a two year contract with Maker, and I don't ever want to go back! :hungover2: I'm currently not partnered with any network or youtube and my videos are not being monetized. I have no idea who to partner with or what my channel worth is.. i'm basically asking...
  4. Infinite

    I'm Thinking About Joining The Freedom Network

    I am thinking about joining the Freedom Network, and they don’t allow copyrighted content. I have one monetized copyrighted video and one revenue sharing copyrighted video. Should I delete them first, then join the network.
  5. KeniisuYT

    "" and What I woke up to

    I woke up this morning to find multiple things wrong with my channel:' • My Revenue of $2.98 for the first 12 days of this month was gone from my earnings. • All my monetized videos were unmonetized. • Freedom's Partnership was nowhere to be found on my Dashboard. Now I was wondering "Why?"...
  6. Elllisaurus

    Freedom network contract suddenly in my Google Docs

    Alright, I do not have an active youtube channel yet, to start it off. I am writing some ideas down and stuff, and reading up on how to market my youtube channel well, which is also why I joined this forum. Today I was checking my Google Docs, and there suddenly appeared a contract from Freedom...
  7. Some Youtube Dude

    Best Network for a 650k Subscriber Channel?

    Hello all. Been around here a while but mostly a lurker. So my Youtube channel has around 650,000 subs and my contract with my MCN just ended and I'm looking for a new network. Anyone have any suggestions on a good network for a channel my size? Been Offered deals by Fullscreen , Defy Media...
  8. S

    Joining Freedom vs other partnerships?

    THE NEXT TWO PARAGRAPHS ARE A LITTLE INTRODUCTION INTO MY SITUATION WITH YOUTUBE. IF YOU'D LIKE TO JUST SKIP TO THE ACTUAL QUESTIONS JUST GO AHEAD AND SCROLL DOWN TO THE THIRD :)Hello everyone it's been a while since i've been on here but I've really been focusing on school and trying to...