1. Pierre Maynard

    WHERE DID HE GET THAT FROM! (The Whisper challenge!)

    In this video iv'e decided to come up with a Challenge, that me and my friend Callan Wills can do! :D Things get weirder as the challenge goes on find out more! :D Let me know in the comments what you thought of the video :) @Selim Keles @G-Man @BigBoss @KatyAdelson @Taylor Hoffman...
  2. Pierre Maynard

    Struggling to get views.

    So iv'e been on YouTube forums for quite a while now, and the one thing i have noticed since iv'e got back on it is im struggling to get views on my channel it's difficult. Also there are a few people on the forums that warn me about promoting my videos or copying and pasting, but to be honest i...
  3. Pierre Maynard

    About my next video.

    So i have had an idea about, what im going to do for my next video. I was thinking of playing the music lip reading game where my Friend callan has got headphones in and cannot hear me at all, whilst iv'e got to think of a word to say and callan needs to find out what im saying. What do you...
  4. Pierre Maynard

    My new song is here what do you think?

    So as you all know i have been struggling, with producing content so far this year. To keep producing content i have decided to do all kinds of videos, I haven't produced a song for a while so i thought why not! Here is my brand new Song (Single) Family! :D I hope you like it and Enjoy! let me...
  5. Anjim

    Promoting Youtube Channels On Forums

    First I want to thank everyone in Yttalk for the positive feedback and support! I have two channel Anjim 2.0 (anime channel) and Anjim Plays (gaming channel). I am using my gaming channel in this forum because their are other gaming channels who are trying to grow like me than anime channels. I...
  6. Pierre Maynard

    About my Channel!

    Hey everyone so as you know i'm Pierre, and i have been struggling with producing content on my channel so far this year. :( Not to worry though that will all change! :D I have finished another Life is Strange part 2 video which will be uploaded soon! :D But i thought it would be a good idea to...
  7. Pierre Maynard

    OMG 5,000 views Thank you everyone!! :D

    So OMG thank you everyone for spending you're time to watch my videos!! :D I really appreciate it, I can't believe i have 5,000 views on my channel thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! :D :D Yeeeeeeeeeeay :D :D :D :D
  8. WilBajamas

    Forum for Youtube Gaming

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you guys have started out being on Youtube Communities a long time. I've just started but I noticed that has changed, it doesn't have forums now? Only sites and videos etc???