1. J.Kposowa

    What kind of videos do you watch, when your favourite YouTubers haven't uploaded?

    To further explain my question. I'm talking about when you've been on YouTube for a few minutes or hours. And you're left with nothing to watch. But you're not quite done with youtube yet. For me I usually watch Top 10s of any kind, such as Top 10 action anime, or Top 10 strongest fictional...
  2. Diversified Unison

    Ed Sheeran- Supermarket Flowers

    Share this song with with your love ones. Also lets remember those who we loved and lost.
  3. Diversified Unison

    What Could We Do Different?

    Hello all really need your honest review on our latest video. We recently release our new video which we are calling "The Larger Project". It is actually the most successful video so far. It has always been our plan that we will do live covers and between them we will do videos like this. Here...
  4. TheMix

    I love the forum!

    I really enjoy this forum SO much. Everywhere you go everyone is so positive and everyone is doing their best to help other youtubers out. You rarely ever find hate on here and that's what I really like! This forum really helps me get motivated and know what kind of great youtubers are out there:)
  5. BlockyLive

    Thank you everyone on YouTube Talk

    Its, BlockyLive here and today I was looking on my analytics today and I noticed that people from this forum are watching my videos. I got about a 37% increase in views. In all my channel does not have many views but as a small youtuber this is a great thing. I have been looking for a way to...
  6. FernandoMask

    What do you think is an essential for making YT videos?

    Youtube... What do you think is an essential for making Youtube videos...?
  7. GooberVlogs

    How Many BIG YouTuber Use A Forum

    You have sooo many big YouTube channels out in YouTube land and I was wondering I know a lot of them started a few years ago and put time and hard work and others I have seen start and get a huge following in a short amount of time... I was just thinking how many BIG youtubers used a forum...I...